Pittsburgh Filmmakers Produce First 4K “Found-Footage” Thriller


“Brew House”, an independently produced horror film, will put GoPro’s new Hero4 to the terror test. The found-footage flick will follow fame-hungry urban explorers into an abandoned distillery where they face decades of ruins… and deceased inhabitants.

Released in Fall of 2014, GoPro action-camera brand evolved from the previous 1080p standard to 3840×2160 resolution. “Hollywood is getting ready to make mastering films in 4K the new standard… In order to be able to compete with that, our film also has to be mastered in 4K,” explains “Brew House” director, John Sabatine.

The film’s characters nab inspiration from real-life webseries that follow urban explorers into rusted missile bases and dilapidated mansions while the screenplay builds off its city’s own industrial history. The film utilizes genuine Pittsburgh locations (kept under wraps while the film proceeds with production), depicting decades-old artifacts and abandoned rooms, crafting its story from forgotten factory workers and once-residing artists and photographers.

The film, starring rising talent Katie Schurman and Jess Paul, received welcomed attention shortly after launching its crowd-funding campaign and introductory video. To learn more about the film, visit facebook.com/BrewHouseFilm or donate to its production at kickstarter.com/projects/1960104325/brew-house-feature-film.

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