Does it cost money to post my press-release here?

No, it does not cost money to post your press-release. PittsburghPressReleases.com is a free service that allows you to share and search Pittsburgh press-releases.

Why should I post my press-release here?

You created your press-release to make an announcement about your project or organization. Therefore, the more exposure the better! But even more important than more exposure is the right exposure. This site specializes in news and info that is relevant to Pittsburgh and Pittsburghers. Not only will you garner more exposure for your press-release, you will be targeting the best audience for it.

PittsburghPressReleases.com is ranked #1 on Google for local PR. This makes your press-release accessible and highly searchable. We also share for you on Facebook and Twitter.  Of course you should share it on your own social accounts, but when your followers and customers see that your professional press-release is being promoted by the leading Pittsburgh press-release site, it makes your announcement look even better!

There are two other excellent reasons why you should post your PR here: it’s free and easy.

Why wasn’t my press-release published?

Press-releases are published in the order they are received and often times have to go through an editing process that may delay the posting time. This could take up to 24 hours. If a press-release is flagged as spam, it may take up to 72 hours to get it in the system.

If a post is not in the appropriate press-release format, or is an excerpt and not the full press-release, it will not be published. Additionally, press-releases that are not relevant to Pittsburgh will not be published.

What is the correct press-release format?

Click here for a resource guide to creating formal press-releases.

Can I post Pittsburgh events and happenings here?

Please refrain from posting event info here unless the post is in press-release format. If you have a Pittsburgh event or happening to share with others, please post it in the #WhatToDo412 section of the Pittsburgh Forum here.