Local Indy Journalist to write book about his career on the road

For Immediate Release – Pittsburgh, Pa – May 5, 2013

Local Independent Journalist Don Carpenter (of Rustbelt Radio and Mobile Boradcast News) is proud to announce that he will be writing a book based on his experiences as an independent journalist with the Occupy Movement, anonymous, and the Steubenville Rape Case.

Carpenter, became an independent journalist by chance during the end of Occupy Pittsburgh, and has covered not only his hometown of Pittsburgh, but activism across the country, The Jordan Miles Civil Suit Case, and has been in the Ohio Valley area for the last 5 months covering the Steubenville rape case controversy and Anonymous’ involvement.

The Book will Independently written and released at NO CHARGE in late 2013.

For backround on Carpenter’s journalism: http://t.co/p9l8jrbvWb
Media Inquiries: @nunyaman on twitter
By: Don Carpenter

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