Pittsburghers’ messages collected for an exhibition on view in 100 years

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PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania – Local artist Toby Atticus Fraley announced plans to compile a time capsule which will consist of video messages collected from the public at the 2019 Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival. This year marks the Festival’s 60th anniversary which is held in Point State Park, throughout the Cultural District and the Gateway Center. “The Pittsburgh Time Capsule” is free and open to the public during the 10-day event from June 7 to June 16.

Fraley also announced the official website for the exhibit, ThePittsburghTimeCapsule.com, which formally invites the public to participate in this site-specific project. Each participant will have one minute to leave their message. “Anyone is welcome to leave any message they feel would be important for an audience to hear in the year 2120. You can talk about the weather, the government, the speed limit on Bigelow Boulevard, or whatever the future needs to hear,” Fraley said. The collected messages will be stored in two time capsules: one entrusted to the Mayor’s Office of Pittsburgh and the other kept with The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

This project will culminate 100 years from now with an exhibition in the year 2120 for the future residents of Pittsburgh. During the collection process participants will be asked if they would like their submission to be featured in a short highlight video that will be released after the 2019 event. Any participant that does not want their footage seen will have their submission permanently sealed until 2120.

“This is a chance to be part of something special long after our existence on this planet. This is our gift to the Pittsburghers of tomorrow.” Fraley added.

This project is made possible by The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

Toby Atticus Fraley is an artist born in Washington, Pennsylvania in 1977. Currently, he lives in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, where he maintains a studio. His work consists of mixed media sculpture, public art pieces, electronic/interactive sculptures and oil paintings. Fraley’s most recent projects include “Luminous Cactus” shown at Canal Convergence in Scottsdale, Arizona and “The Artwork Forge II” exhibited in Palo Alto, California. Locally his work can be seen in UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, a bike rack design on Penn Avenue and at the Pittsburgh International Airport in his nationally recognized public art installation “Fraley’s Robot Repair.

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Toby Fraley, TobyAtticusFraley@gmail.com


Instagram: TobyAtticusFraley

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