Beaver County Urban Legend Heading to the Big Screen, Public Invited to be Part of the Mystery

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – PITTSBURGH, PA – Every small town has its secrets – some darker than others. As a child, director and screenwriter Josh Maley, was terrified by the chilling stories his father would tell him about Wolf Run Rd. aka “Mystery Mile” – a strange and eerie road that mystified the people of Industry, PA where his father grew up. Stories of animals going rabid and chasing after people, strange flashes of light, mysterious sounds, and people going missing on the road, haunted and inspired Maley. Bewitched by the urban legend, Maley spent years researching Mystery Mile. Now as a filmmaker, Maley is ready to share the mysterious road with the world.

Grimm Sleeper Productions presents The Way of Seeming – written and directed by Maley – a chilling independent psychological thriller inspired by the stories of Mystery Mile. The Way of Seeming is a story of five friends and their fateful connection to the road. The script was a finalist in the 2013 Just Effing Entertain Me screenplay competition and will have you at the edge of your seat until the last moment.

Maley is inviting the community to join in on the filmmaking process via the film’s Kickstarter campaign. With every tier of pledges comes a new way to engage the backer in the making of the film. Some rewards include: your own personalized “Missing Persons” ad and on screen memorials, being an extra in a party scene, hanging out with the cast, and even going on an actual ghost hunt on Mystery Mile!

“The story of Mystery Mile belongs to us all,” Maley says. “What better way to tell it than by engaging those who have helped keep it alive, who have spread it to other places?”

Can you survive the mile? Check out the Kickstarter Page:

Facebook: TheWayofSeeming

Twitter: @TheWayofSeeming



  1. I can’t believe they are making a movie about this road. I grew up around there, heard all the stories from my friends at Western Beaver. So cool!

  2. This is awesome. As I was growing up I used to hear the same stories. Also, the ghost of the girl who lost her head quad riding. I lived in industry right off Wolfe run road. Oh the memories, and ghost hunting back in the day. I would love to experience this.

  3. This sounds awesome. I grew up right up the road from wolf run and currently live even closer now. We would always go park back on the old service road wile partying and ghost hunting. I still drive the road often. I have heard all kinds of stories and have a few myself. Would love to be a part of this and see it on the big screen. Good luck!

  4. Interesting, I grew up in the area & moved close to there after high school. I was always told growing up that a brothal house burnt to the ground (it was set on fire by a bunch of wife’s) & the women were trapped inside. At midnight you could hear them screaming.

  5. I actually saw the ghost of a young lady ( who I was later told to be the spirit of Martha Farabee?) I was coming from my Moms house in Meadowbrook. My headlights showed a girl standing off the side of the road waving for help (I thought) she looked like her shirt was dirty she was wearing a brown skirt & no shoes she had shoulder length curly hair. I approached her & went to roll my window down to ask if she needed help. That’s when…she didn’t even see me..her arm was still waving, she was staring straight through me. Her eyes were black her shirt had blood on it & then I noticed I could see the woods behind her! She wasn’t real! I was so freaking scared! Drove away very fast! I was so upset that I stopped at Luannes bar …I needed to calm down. That’s when the patrons heard my story & told me who I had seen. They said many people have seen her! Creepy~~

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