“The City Spree: 5K. No Course.” Invites Racers to Explore the City with Pittsburgh’s Most Unique Race


On May 31st, Pittsburgh’s most unique race will send hundreds of Pittsburghers to secret and special places throughout the city. The City Spree is a city-wide race…without a course. Runners and walkers create their own path through the city to discover its secret places and hidden gems. Individuals and groups are welcome, as racers compete on speed, distance, and cleverness–as long as they make it back in time.

Unlike a normal road run, racers in The City Spree start in the middle of the race course, surrounded by checkpoints on all sides. Racers choose their own path from checkpoint to checkpoint, winding their way through the city’s neighborhoods and discovering the hidden connections between them. And the race isn’t just for fun: as each runner’s path is recorded, a data-rich map of the city is created, illustrating the places residents are willing to go, and igniting discussion about accessibility and connection between the city’s neighborhoods.

Returning for it’s third year, the City Spree is now part of Open Streets! Join in to run through sections of Downtown, the Strip District, and Lawrenceville as they’re closed to motorized traffic the morning of May 31, and explore even more of the city as you create your own course along sidewalks and trails. Learn more about Open Streets at openstreetspgh.com.

The City Spree kicks off  the morning of May 31st, Downtown at Market Square. More information and registration for the City Spree is available at www.cityspreerace.com.

For more information contact Adam Nelson, Director of City of Play, at adam@cityofplay.org

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