Housetrends Pittsburgh Gaining Exposure With New Video Stories

Housetrends Magazine Pittsburgh announces new video venture for advertisers and consumers.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 15, 2013 – Pittsburgh, PA – Watch articles come to life! Local Publisher, William Slattery has begun Housetrends Magazine Pittsburgh has is producing videos based on his magazine’s articles. Voice overs bring the images to life for each video featured on Housetrends’ website and YouTube page.

Slattery expects these videos to create additional exposure, and increase advertiser confidence in addition to expanding its customer base.  Housetrends has also been cultivating its online exposure with social media, added online content, guest bloggers, and more.

These short, engaging videos provide a new look at high-end homes around the Pittsburgh area and provide information similar to that found in written articles. These articles often include photography not featured in the printed pages of the magazine.

About Housetrends Magazine:
Housetrends Magazine is Pittsburgh’s premier home and garden magazine.

Housetrends is an idea that grew from a single magazine published in Dayton, Ohio, into an ever-expanding group of magazines in 6 markets. Launched in 2001, Dayton was quickly followed by Cincinnati, Ohio; Tampa Bay, Florida; Columbus, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Each city was chosen for its own unique sense of style and regional personality. Every Housetrends issue displays the vibrancy and creativity of the market’s community of residents and home & garden professionals. For more information, please visit


If you’d like more information about this topic, please contact Bill Slattery at Housetrends Magazine c/o Bill Slattery 100 Mulberry Lane, Pittsburgh, PA 15235; (412) 596-1030; or

By: Cassandra Snyder

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