Seeking Funds for a Mon Valley, PA Documentary

Ron Turowski and Veronica Halpin, of Cool Attitude Films, are making a documentary called Renaissance IV: Mon Valley Moving Mountains. It is about Mon Valley, Pennsylvania and its residents trying to rebuild their communities.

We have started a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. This new fundraising resource gives us an opportunity to seek funding through sponsorships so that we can finish our film. For each contribution made, the backer will receive a great PERK. Any contribution size is greatly appreciated. Please go to the website to make a contribution:

We have shot a lot of footage over the course of 5 months and have funded this project ourselves. We need to raise money to shoot more interview of local leaders and residents, finish post production, and enter the documentary into film festivals. It is imperative that the forsaken towns of Mon Valley, PA be heard. Join us in the final countdown of finishing this documentary.

Renaissance IV: Mon Valley Moving Mountains

Documentary Synopsis

Pennsylvania’s Monongahela Valley, also known as Mon Valley, was the economic backbone that supported the Pittsburgh economy in the past. In 1875, Edgar Thomson Steel Works became the first major steel mill built in the country and Mon Valley fueled the American Industrial Revolution. Today, Edgar Thomson, Irvin Plant, and Clairton Works are the lonely survivors of the US steel industry crisis left in mo Valley.

Over the last 40 years, steel production in the United states has been virtually decimated due to the economic pressures and outsourcing. With the collapse of the steel industry in Mon Valley and no major taxpayers left to support the area, the municipalities are turning into urban decay. in 1980, there were over 500,000 American steel workers but it fell to only 59,800 that remained employed in 2010. The British Geological Survey stated that in 2005, China was the top steel producer supplying one-third of all production in the world; Japan, Russia, and the United States followed respectively.

Sadly, small businesses that used to inhabit these diminutive Mon Valley townships could no longer endure the gravity of the spiraling economy so most of them had to close their doors forever. Many residents in these towns are elderly or poverty stricken and are sticking together in a battle for their lives.

John Fetterman, Mayor of Braddock, has stepped in to try and salvage his dilapidated town which is barely surviving. Their hospital, UPMC, left the town and closed their doors on January 16, 2011. The mayors and other town leaders, of the once prosperous Mon Valley, are creating their own revival – Renaissance IV.

Our documentary charts the struggles and hopes to revitalize their neighborhoods during these economically distressing times. With the closing of mills, factories, small businesses, and hospitals, will these boroughs continue to exist or are they going to become extinct? Follow the fight of the leaders and the hardships of the people to see if these forsaken towns can be brought back to life. Support us by letting their voices be heard through exposing the travesty of neglect that they have endured.

We would appreciate it if individuals or companies would sponsor us or contribute to our campaign through IndieGoGo: Share the link on your social media sites so that we can continue to spread the word and reach our goal. Thank you!

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