The City of Play Festival Brings the Best New Games to Pittsburgh


Obscure Games is bringing the best new games in the world to Pittsburgh for The City of Play Festival on October 13th. The festival, sponsored by local game studio Schell Games, showcases the work of game designers from around the country, focusing on games that make an impact on the way we see our cities.

The City of Play Festival celebrates the ability of play to transform a city, and change the way residents interact with each other and their neighborhoods. The festival will feature approximately 15 games, many of which integrate the physical space of city streets into the games to transform them into urban playgrounds. The festival is centered on the North Side, throughout Allegheny Center and at the newly-constructed Buhl Park.

Tickets are on sale at, and are required to play most of the games. Sales are limited to 100 tickets. Certain games at Buhl Park are free, run continuously, and are open to players of any age. Games begin at noon on October 13 , and end at midnight.

Since its inception in 2009, Obscure Games has produced hundreds of live game events throughout the city, including new sports, pervasive games, board games, and more. The organization’s focus is always on producing games that encourage real-world interactions between players and spaces, as opposed to interactions in the virtual world. Obscure Games has produced Pittsburgh’s original festival of games, the Steel City Games Fest, for the last two years, and has brought award-winning games to New York City’s Come Out and Play annual game festival, as well as other festivals throughout the country.

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Organization: Obscure Games
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