Pittsburgh Radio’s Nan Cohen Asks the Hard Questions About Breaking Up in New Book, Dealing With Divorce: Reality Revealed

For Immediate Release – (April 16, 2011—Pittsburgh, PA) – Nan Cohen knows breaking up is hard to do, but asking the right questions in the midst of separation or divorce can be even more difficult. The long-time radio host of “Dealing with Divorce” asks the hardest questions to hear as they are the most important to answer. Now, the divorce reality expert is posing those up-front and personal questions about relationships, families, children, dating, and intimacy in her new book Dealing with Divorce: Reality Revealed, a motivating and illuminating guide and journal designed for men and women in the midst of relationship challenges.

Cohen, divorce consultant and long-time host of talk shows on Pittsburgh’s KQV-AM, provides the questions that deserve answers in the personal context of a guide and journal. Designed for men and women, this interactive tool provides a confidential and encouraging way to explore those feelings that are indeed normal feelings for anyone facing a broken relationship or marriage.  www.divorcerealityexpert.com

“Ultimately, this book empowers the reader to write their own story through the questions and ideas I provide,” says Nan. “If you are looking for an easy read or a ‘safe’ book to share with someone in a break-up—this isn’t the book for you. This book is for friends and family to share with someone they care about—someone who might be in pain or in need of an objective listener. Or a woman or man who is dealing with a separation or divorce.”

In Dealing with Divorce: Reality Revealed, Nan shares insights from her own life and career journey with both listeners and guest experts on the air and in one-on-one consultation and as a consultant on a client’s “divorce team.” Her knowledge about the practical concerns of the divorce process informs the book.

Ten chapters on the most pertinent topics around separation and divorce include Nan’s personal introductions that reveal her personal journey from a divorced mother of a toddler to a happily married mother of two lovely daughters. Each chapter provides an exploration of the topic by the reader, who is asked the questions Cohen has designed to encourage both self-evaluation and to provoke thought. Chapters include topics such as Legal & Other Support, What Divorce Means, Time for Me, Dating, and Sex & Intimacy. For parents, chapters entitled About Custody and My Children, Your Children, Our Children provide practical and philosophical insight about parenting.

Readers are expected to write in the space Cohen provides for answers to her essential questions. Cohen’s book is designed in a user-friendly size to tuck easily into a purse or briefcase and features a durable spiral-bound format and a heavy-duty cover.

Dealing with Divorce: Reality Revealed is on sale ($19.95 US/$22.95 Canada) via Amazon.com at  www.divorcerealityexpert.com , and by the April 26 launch date at these Pittsburgh area bookstores, also hosting signing events:

  • Penguin Bookshop (420 Beaver Street  Sewickley, PA 15143)  Book signing:  Sat., April 28 at 1 pm.
  • Awesome Books (929 Liberty Ave., Downtown Pittsburgh, 15222)  Booking signing:  Tues., May 1 at 7 pm.

Books are also on sale at Awesome Books, 5111 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, 15224.

“This book isn’t about me; it’s about the reader. It’s drawn from my experience of my own divorce and those of my radio audience and clients,” says Cohen. “For many years, friends and colleagues have asked me if I planned to share my own story in a book,” say the divorce expert in the introduction to Dealing with Divorce: Reality Revealed. “I realized that my story is best shared through what I have learned working with so many others confronted with the challenges of divorce and by asking the questions that I believe are essential.

Change is inevitable in so many aspects of life, Cohen notes. With divorce, there are the realities of logistics related to everyday life, social life, existing friendships and family. “Divorce can bring about a grieving process, one which is personal and unique,” says Cohen. “When dealing with divorce, men and women ask ‘What is normal?’ They often wonder what questions to ask, so I’ve compiled what I feel are some of the most important questions for someone in a break-up or divorce.”

“I’ve been listening on the air and in personal consultation for years,” Nan says. “With my book, I’m able to provide another way to listen and interact with someone facing a major life transition. It’s a way to encourage an individual who may be feeling overwhelmed or in need of structure with a tool for organizing their thoughts, dreams and, yes, even regrets.”

Nan is the first to admit that divorce or ending a relationship is never easy.

“It’s not simple while emotions, families, children and finances can add unique complications,” says Nan. “With this book, I hope to narrow the focus for the person dealing with divorce. I hope my readers will use my book in a quiet time when they can simply take care of themselves in the midst of a transition. And use the process I’m providing to take journey into a new and happy phase of their lives.”

About Nan Cohen
Nan Cohen is recognized as the go-to expert on the realities of separation and divorce, based on her own experience and long-running radio show, Dealing with Divorce. After her marriage took a surprising turn, the young mother of a toddler girl confronted with all of the emotions and logistics of divorce, Nan learned the realities of divorce by experiencing it—a long and bitter divorce, joint custody, social stigma, and emotional turmoil. She was empowered by discovering a niche in which she could help others work through a transition from divorce to a new beginning. While she does not promote divorce, Nan does promote understanding its complexities, including custody, alimony, child support, financial settlements, parenting skills, and even dating, sex, and remarriage.

A quick-witted, practical and no-nonsense resource, Nan hosts DEALING WITH DIVORCE on Pittsburgh’s KQV 1410 AM andwww.kqv.com. Here, her valued legal, family and wellness experts join her to discuss divorce and all its related issues. She been a contributor on KDKA-TV on “Pittsburgh Today Live” (on which she is scheduled to appear on Fri., April 27) and is a frequent guest expert in programs and media stories about divorce. Now, Nan’s first daughter is in college, she is mother of a daughter with her second husband, and her family supports her working with those experiencing divorce. Nan brings her reality-based perspective to individuals through consulting with divorce team professionals, one-on-one coaching, and audiences of her shows, seminars, and tools, including Dealing with Divorce: Reality Revealed, A Divorce Guide and Journal, all reachable via www.divorcerealityexpert.com

Facebook: Nan Cohen Total Talk.
Twitter @nanondivorce

Nan Cohen's New Book Dealing with Divorce: Reality Revealed

Divorce Expert Nan Cohen asks the most important questions for readers to answer in Dealing with Divorce: Reality Revealed, a guide and journal for both men and women

“Divorce does not necessarily mean the end. Look at divorce as your new beginning.” —Nan Cohen

LAUNCH DATE: Thursday, April 26, 2012. On sale online via: www.divorcerealityexpert.com
Dealing with Divorce: Reality Revealed ©2012 by Nan Cohen
Published by: Nan Cohen Total Talk
ISBN-13: 978-0-615-54954-5   Price: $19.95 US ($22.95 Canada)

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