A Mixed Media Series by Hawkeye

Hawkeye’s Mixed Media Madness Art Exhibition  at  
International Images ltd.

Friday, November 11th 6:00 – 10:00 PM

International Images ltd. invites the Pittsburgh community into the world of  award-winning tattoo artist and mixed media mad scientist, Hawkeye. Mixed Media Madness boasts numerous works all stemmed from the onrush of scenery hidden in Hawkeye’s own mind. The images, both haunting and romantic in nature, are a combination of oils, acrylics, poly-acrylic, glues and various unconventional materials. The colors are strewn about in a fantastical way and the surreal mix of nature and depth are a hard comparison to most realism based landscape work. However, if one is willing to take the plunge away from the secular, empirical rules of landscape realism into a new vision, now is the perfect time. Hawkeye’s mixed media technique is highly textured with a 3-dimensional aspect thus allowing the viewer to ponder the question “How does he do it?”, a question most artists only dream of hearing.

On the second level of the gallery is our Cuban exhibition, Viva Cuba! Dr. Elena Korenetchuk, on an official license, has traveled extensively to Cuba over the past 15 years to collect various Cuban artworks. Dr. Korenetchuk regularly organizes trips to Cuba under her official license. Included in the collection are works from Eduardo “Choco” Roca Salazar, Miguel Sordo, Pastor Fumero and Mariano Rodríguez. The diverse work of these artists reflect elements of modernism, surrealism and cubism providing a rare glimpse into Cuba’s prolific art scene while embodying the political and artistic history of Cuban culture that shaped the identity of the island.

Gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm or by appointment.  
For further inquiries contact International Images at 412-741-3036 or art@internationalimagesltd.com

By: Breanne Kent

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