Carol A. Briney is an Inspirational Speaker, Author, #1 -Rated Podcast Host and CEO of Unlimited Possibilities at Carol A Briney International. Carol has combined her 30-plus years of business experience with her years of Spiritual study to create a unique blend of Spiritual Prosperity. Carol is often praised for her ability to teach, motivate, inspire and entertain through high-energy keynotes, retreats, and workshops. Her vision is simple, yet powerful, she teaches people to slow down so that they can power-up and accomplish all of their dreams. Her passion is to help people find and follow their personal path by connecting with their inner guidance, thus, becoming the strongest and best version of themselves. Carol believes that we are all on a path of never-ending joyous expansion. With her compelling presence, infectious passion and irreverent sense of humor she teaches how the law of attraction, your thoughts and actions create the world in which you live. Carol has a sincere desire and passion for helping people to unlock their personal and spiritual potential. Carol's personal philosophy is that we are all on this planet to shine our individual lights brightly. She has a refreshing matter-of-fact style that is both motivational and inspirational. People leaving Carol's seminars are often heard to say “I thought she was speaking directly to me.” Carol is the author of Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities – A Handbook For Life. She is also the host of a #1-rated radio show titled Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities. She has been featured in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, The Herald, The Fox Chapel Magazine, The Balboa Press Magazine and on several radio shows. She is a monthly contributor to The Network Marketing, as well as the Founder/Executive Director of The Business Leads Exchange Networking Group. Carol lives in lovely Pittsburgh, PA. “You will never know how many people you may help and inspire just by daring to be you!” ~ Carol A. Briney