$39 Exam and X-Ray: Dental Emergency Without Insurance at Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel

Dental emergencies can happen any time. Typically, a dental emergency visit is covered by dental insurance. However, two thirds of American’s don’t have dental insurance. Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel is making emergency dental care affordable for patients without insurance. No Pittsburgh patients can get an emergency dental exam and X-Ray done at Kaur Dental of Fox Chapel for only $39.

Dr. Kiran Kaur says, “Dental emergencies need to be seen by a dentist right away. A lot of patients without dental insurance tend to avoid going to a dentist due to cost reasons. Several patients may try to wait it out to see if a dental pain goes away on it own instead of going to a dentist. However, in more cases, the pain gets worse and the tooth gets into a shape where it cannot be saved. Our $39 Emergency exam and X-Ray special is for patients without dental insurance. They can now get access to high quality emergency dental care at affordable rates.

Kaur Dental of Fox Chapelis located in RIDC Park, Fox Chapel at 563 Epsilon Drive, Pittsburgh, Pa 15238. Patients can schedule appointments by calling 412.406.8100.


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