Vidimus Nos Vicimus Liokareas Wins Four More Awards in Italy

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Pittsburgh, PA – Liokareas is proud to have been awarded four more international medals at this year’s EVO International Olive Oil Contest, Palmi, Province of Reggio Calabria, Italy. With the judges praising and recognizing each one of Liokareas’ entries into the competition for their unrivaled combination of quality and flavor.  The four medals come on the heels of receiving the prestigious Gold Award just a few weeks earlier at the NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition, and add to the rapid success Liokareas has experienced by increasing its tally to 13 awards in the past 18 months.

EVO International Olive Oil Contest promotes and enhances the sector of the highest quality extra virgin olive oil and only accepts producers who are able to guarantee the traceability and origin of their products. A panel of judges of high technical and ethical standards from all over the world, engaged in the tasting sessions, and were divided into tasting panels – and expressed themselves with professionalism and impartiality to announce the winners of the 2019 edition.

“It’s a great honor to be recognized with three Golds, plus 1 Silver at this year’s EVO International Olive Oil Contest,” said Owner, Peter Liokareas, who is the fifth generation to lead production of the family’s orchard in Kalamata, Greece

“There are many competitions worldwide, but the Italy Competition & New York Competition are the largest and most highly recognized in the world by the EVOOWR. Having just come off an extraordinary Gold Medal at NYIOOC, as both a family and a company we’re absolutely flattered and humbled by the accolades. Beyond the recognition for our brand, we’re most proud of the recognition these awards bring to our region of Greece and to the quality standards it is has become synonymous with. To produce a consistent and premium product year after year, when every year is different  and more challenging is not an easy task.”

The four olive oils awarded have already collected international awards in previous competitions this year and last – Early Harvest Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, (4) Estate Grown Greek Orange Olive Oil (4), Late Harvest Lemon Greek Olive Oil (2) and our Wild Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3).

When asked what the latest awards mean to his company, Liokareas said, “Awards are validation that the olive oil we’ve been perfecting for 5 generations actually is. Perfect. They prove our painstaking adherence to tradition is worth the pain. And they give our customers a strong reason to believe that the money they’re putting into our product directly correlates to the quality and enjoyment they’ll get out of it.”

“We want to be the best Greek olive oil you can actually get your taste buds on. To produce the highest quality and most accessible Greek olive oil to our customers. That is our distinct difference.”

Liokareas has been pressing the best Greek Olive Oil you can actually get your taste buds on for more than five generations. Every olive in our ultra-premium organic extra virgin olive oil and first-pressed specialty oils is pampered, picked and pressed on our family-owned and operated orchard in the foothills of Southern Kalamata Greece. Our international awards and Top 30 ranking of Greek Olive Oil Companies are merely a validation that the olive oil we’ve been perfecting for 5 generations actually is. Perfect. Want to learn more about what makes our award-winning oils so award-winning? Visit us at

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