The Rental Way To Construction Success

For almost 3 decades, OEC Rentals have changed the way construction companies acquire and use the equipment they need for their projects. They have a fleet of more than 200 high quality heavy duty equipment from the best manufacturers. These can be hired on rent by construction companies who are not yet ready to invest capital in buying those equipment. OEC is located in Oakdale, Pennsylvania, and has risen to become the leading name in ground thawing equipment rental and other rental services for construction equipment.

Apart from the reliable names of the manufacturers whose equipment is offered on rent by OEC, another strength they have is the impeccable credentials and experience of their core team. Bob Sepich, who has 25 years of priceless experience in the heavy equipment industry, is the President of OEC. Al Atallah handles quotations and equipment mobilization, and also has 20 solid years of experience under his belt. Kristin Graziotto handles the pricing and rental agreements. This crack team along with a motivated and capable team has ensured that OEC has stayed on top of the game for 30 years.

OEC Rental has almost 20 different types of equipment categories from which clients can select the equipment they wish to hire. The variety of equipment available covers the entire gamut of requirements that a typical construction company might require, from a crawler loader to a ground heater, and from a water truck to a GPS Trimble system. In case the client can’t find the specific equipment in that long list, they can get in touch with OEC through the ‘Contact Us’ section on their webpage, and they would help the client find the right piece of equipment.

OEC also offers 7 different categories of attachments that can be rented by clients. Hydraulic hammers help to break down bigger boulders and stones into smaller sizes, while hydraulic plate compactors help in the compaction of soil. Concrete pulverizers are used to crush existing structures when they need to be replaced by new construction. Grapples help in correctly holding and seizing unmanageable or large sized blocks. Similarly, OEC offers several other attachments like shears, misc buckets, and skid steers attachments.

For areas which are prone to long periods of subzero temperature, it is often necessary to clear the area of snow before construction can begin. The Glycol ground heater and other ground thaw heaters are a very useful set of equipment offered for rent by OEC in this category. Since snow is usually not a yearlong phenomenon, it makes sense for construction companies to rent them rather than purchasing outright.

The reason for the continued success of OEC is that they ensure that a rental customer never stays a one-time customer, and keeps coming back for repeat transactions. The high quality and well maintained equipment and the highly qualified and well trained staff are the reason this is made possible. This has also helped OEC to maintain very good relations with all their OEM suppliers like CAT, Volvo, John Deere, Hitachi, Komatsu, Ingersoll Rand and many other.

About the Company

OEC Rentals has been providing top class earth moving and thawing equipment on rent since 1989. Based in the south western part of Pennsylvania, it has made a name as a top company well attuned to the needs of the construction, piping, and home development projects.


OEC Rentals

Address: PO Box 177 300 Stop Street Oakdale, PA  15071

Phone: (724) 693-9188

Fax: (724) 693-2925





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