Debut Book Release – Learning to Live Loved: When a Fatherless Girl Becomes a Christian Woman


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When the product of adultery speaks, grab a seat, listen, and enjoy the ride!

A candid Christian perspective on fatherlessness and relationship with the Lord.

Pittsburgh, PA – June 11, 2019 – Learning to Live Loved: When a Fatherless Girl Becomes a Christian Woman

“In 2002, at the age of twenty-one, I heard the married man who fathered me say, ‘Del, I’ve always loved you.’ Hearing that for the first time meant everything to me, and it meant absolutely nothing.”

 With her debut title, author Delmesha Richards asks, “How does a fatherless woman assimilate into a healthy Father-daughter relationship with her God when she doesn’t have a reference point?

Fatherless women have varied layers of emotional trauma and baggage from the brokenness caused by father absence. As confirmed by decades of research and analysis, this brokenness and emotional dysfunction is carried into every relationship she develops, including her relationship with the Lord.

Delmesha candidly explores her own fatherlessness and shares the posture of her heart toward the Lord as she wrestles with Him and questions the truth of who He is. With fearless transparency, she invites readers to experience her process of maintaining a firm grip on her faith and passion for the Lord as she navigates through her brokenness and dysfunctional relationship with Him.


Brief Bio

Plunging headfirst into her writing and publishing career with her debut title, Learning to Live Loved, Delmesha is locked and loaded with over a dozen more writing projects. She’s pacing herself, though, as she’s currently raising three toddlers with her husband in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A multifaceted spirit, to say the least, Delmesha Richards has skills and experiences covering a spectrum that widens as her interests evolve. From IT project management and business consulting to being a family vlogger and losing her passport in Paris while traveling to Bamako, Mali, she literally does what she wants, when she wants. And she’s extraordinary at it all!

Connect with Delmesha:, Twitter @iamdelmesha, Facebook @iamdelmesha, Instagram @iam.delmesha, and

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Join Delmesha for her book launch event on June 8, 2019 at 1:30 p.m
A Peace of Mind, Inc., 620 Wood St., Pittsburgh, PA 15221


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