That’s a Wrap! Beeswax Food Wraps an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic Wrap


PITTSBURGH, PA, November 5th, 2018 – We’ve all been there: Frantically searching for the right lid when putting away leftovers, we resort to covering the container in a few sloppy layers of plastic wrap or aluminum foil, only to crumple them up the next day and toss them into the trash before they head to the landfill. Now there’s a better way to store food… Try Beeswax Food Wraps handcrafted by Pittsburgh Honey!

Made from 100% cotton soaked in pure beeswax harvested from our hives, Beeswax Food Wraps are an eco-friendly solution to the plastic wrap problem. Using the heat of your hands, the wraps gently mold to the container, protecting your leftovers. They’re great for wrapping up a sandwich or a slice o pizza for lunch, closing up an awkward-sized container, or even proofing bread. To reuse, simply was with cool soapy water and air dry.

One set contains five wraps in varying sizes and retails for just $12. Order online at or drop by the store to pick one out. They make great holiday gifts!

Pittsburgh Honey is conveniently located in Squirrel Hill, near the intersection of Forward and Murray Avenues, at 2327 Murray Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217. Store hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 12-7pm and Sundays 12-5pm.


Alyssa Fine, Owner
Pittsburgh Honey
2327 Murray Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
(412) 407-2705

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