Optilife Academy to Change Diet Environment in Online Format


Pittsburgh, PA, September 6th 2018: Local health and wellness professionals collaborate in the creation of online course that strives to put an end to diet and exercise fads. The Optilife Academy is a do-it-yourself online course that engages and educates users about proper eating and effective exercise habits. The course is accessed through it’s website, and works with the users through short educational videos, written materials, action sheets, and application tools.

The Optilife Academy is the product of Ryan Wade and Andrew Wade, owners of Wade Trained Performance and Fitness, and Case Specific Nutrition respectively. Though not related, the two wellness professionals have more than their last names in common. With businesses focusing on personal training and nutrition counselling, both Wades realized accessibility to quality information was an obstacle most clients face. In an effort to help more people, they partnered with producer Travis Grubesky, and began creation of the Optilife Academy. More than 2 years later the Academy was released as the first course of its kind.

Within the course, the nutrition section takes on daily eating habits directly with focuses on relationship with food, navigating the social and cultural aspects of food, and finding practical ways to stay aware of ones’ diet without obsessive or excessively rigid diet protocols. The exercise section starts from the base of the body with breathing and flexibility and builds up to exercises that promote strength, balance and longevity. Both sections end with a bank of resources that users can take with them to use and keep accountable to.

“For many, the creation and maintenance of healthy lifestyle habits are a constant obstacle. With Optilife, our hope is that we can help our users find a new perspective, one that lasts a lifetime.”

Andrew Wade, MS, RDN, LDN, CSSD
The Optilife Academy
5750 Baum Blvd Ste 306
Pittsburgh PA 15206

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