‘Unparalleled Innovation’ in Advertising and Guerrilla Marketing



With The Latest Innovations in Advertising and Guerrilla Marketing

LANCASTER, PA July 4, 2018: This Independence Day, MadLoveCoupons is celebrating America’s Freedom by helping small business owners and entrepreneurs promote their brands at a fraction of the cost, all while giving back to the men and women who have so admirably served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Howard T. Bair, founder and president of MadLoveCoupons, said he chose to headquarter his new company in Lancaster County thanks to the area’s proximity to some of the largest cities in the country.

“MadLoveCoupons has struck gold for local businesses by offering a new creative twist on traditional methods of advertising and guerrilla marketing,” Bair said. “We do it better, quicker, more memorable and certainly greener” he said. “Enlisting our United States Armed Forces to save the American Dream.”

“With our ‘event marketing’ approach, we make sure every single piece of promotional material reaches its target audience effectively and efficiently, while saving our clients HUGE costs compared to direct mailings,” Bair said. “Regular face-to-face social interactions also reduce stress and anxiety for our Nation’s Military Heroes.”

“Online advertising and company branding is where MadLoveCoupons innovation truly shines in this arena,” Bair said. “Our game-changing ‘clickable video ads’ engage potential customers like never before” he said.

Bair said businesses in Pennsylvania, the Mid-Atlantic Region and all throughout America have already shown his new startup “some serious love.” “And we’re returning he favor by saving them thousands of dollars in marketing, advertising and promotional costs,” he said.

It’s very important to maximize value for America’s small businesses, especially while living in such an uncertain global economy, Bair said.   “We support entrepreneurs, local veterans and our trees by conserving natural resources,” Bair said. “It’s all about the love.”

For more information about MadLoveCoupons or to learn how the company can benefit your small business, visit the new and improved MadLoveCoupons website. The site is fully optimized for mobile browsers and easily navigable from any device for your convenience.


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