Hosanna Industries to Help Hurricane Victims

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Local charity fundraising to travel to Texas to rebuild

Rochester, PA – Hosanna Industries is planning to help relieve the horrible suffering that has resulted from the catastrophic hurricane in August, 2016 in Texas.  The group will be working in Rockport, TX, and staying at the First Presbyterian Church of Corpus Christi from February 25 – March 2.  Habitat for Humanity, Rockport County, is in the process of reforming, and has 25 households that need essential repairs like electrical, drywall, plumbing, flooring, etc.  Hosanna Industries will be working with more than 20 volunteers from Meridian Presbyterian Church and other churches in the Rivers of Life Presbytery, to complete those repairs.

Current needs:

    • Please uphold the mission in prayer as Hosanna Industries discerns the directions they believe the Lord is leading, and please remember all of the people in the Houston region who have suffered so gravely.
    • Donate towards Hosanna Industries’  hurricane relief work at hosannaindustries.org or mail a check to 109 Rinard Lane, Rochester, PA 15074.  Mark gifts “Disaster Relief,” and all gifts received up to $10,000 total will be matched by a generous local family foundation.

Hosanna Industries travels to areas of disaster to help with the mobilizing of large groups of volunteers to build and repair homes damaged by tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, or other catastrophic events to bring hope and restoration to hurting individuals and communities.  In 2005, Hosanna assisted over 500 households with rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Ivan flooded parts of the Pittsburgh region.  In 2017, Hosanna Industries provided over 40 households with essential home repairs in Richwood, WV, after the flooding in 2016.  Hosanna Industries has mobilized volunteers to rebuild after multiple disasters, including Hurricanes Andrew, Floyd and Katrina, among others.

About Hosanna Industries:

Hosanna Industries was founded in 1990 as a faith-rooted, non-profit mission whose work involves a variety of charitable initiatives aimed at helping our impoverished neighbors.  By the grace of God and through the mechanical and aesthetic arts, mission workers at Hosanna Industries build and repair homes for needy households; teach and lead classes and workshops in art, nature and spirituality; and train young people in construction skills.  Since its founding in 1990 Hosanna Industries has provided over $55 million worth of charitable work to the community for under $18 million.  It depends on the generosity of others to complete its work. For more information please visit hosannaindustries.org.

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