Spray-Net Gives Homes New Life in Pittsburgh

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Pittsburgh – With a franchise launched in every major Canadian city coast-to-coast in less than two years, Spray-Net Inc. – Canada’s leading home improvement franchise – wants to paint Pittsburgh red, white and blue. The award-winning concept aims to meet the growing demand from local homeowners seeking to update and upgrade the curb appeal of their homes.

“Spray-Net’s growth is something we never imagined. We predicted it would take us five years to establish ourselves across Canada – in only two years, we have surpassed our own expectations,” said Carmelo Marsala, founder and president of Spray-Net. “Now is the perfect time for our expansion into the United States, especially as the housing market is again on the rise. We have developed a strong franchise growth strategy for the U.S., and Pittsburgh is an important piece of that plan.”

With a strategic plan in place, Spray-Net will grow into Pittsburgh and is now accepting franchisee inquiries. Pittsburgh has been selected for Spray-Net’s expansion for its growing homeowner populating, where Spray-Net’s devotion to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction will stand out and thrive.

Recognized as the “Fastest Growing Canadian Home-Improvement Franchise” in the 2016 Franchise Canada Directory by the Canadian Franchise Association, as well as winning the International Franchise Association’s 2016 NextGen in Franchising Global Competition, Spray-Net has earned international acclaim. Marsala’s work to establish and perfect the franchise business model has created an undeniable energy around the concept.

Spray-Net appeals to entrepreneurs transitioning into business ownership from corporate backgrounds, as well as related home improvement industries. Using an exterior spray-painting technique and a proprietary formula, Spray-Net allows homeowners to refresh the curb appeal of their homes in only one day. The standout home improvement company offers personalized service and incredible results that are both permanent and cost-effective.

Marsala founded the brand in 2009 when he was just 23 years old, following 3 years running a College Pro franchise in Montreal. Spray-Net began franchising in 2013 and has grown to service every major market in Canada, making it the country’s fastest-growing home improvement franchise. Franchisees offer exterior siding painting, door and window painting, exterior brick spray-painting, industrial and commercial painting and more.

Ideal franchise candidates are creative self-starters who appreciate the proven system Spray-Net has designed and evolved. Franchisees within the Spray-Net system also take advantage of a robust corporate support system, including an in-house call center that handles all customer calls and consultation scheduling for franchisees, allowing franchisees to focus their time and efforts on their projects.

About Spray-Net

Founded in 2009 by 23-year-old Carmelo Marsala, Spray-Net has since grown to 36 units in Canada since being franchised in 2013. Seen on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, Spray-Net is an exterior painting service that transforms your renovation into an investment in only one day. Using an exterior spray painting technique, Spray-Net created a permanent and cost-effective solution that offers a real and affordable alternative to replacement.

For more information about Spray-Net, please visit www.spray-net.com. To learn about available franchise opportunities, visit www.spraynetfranchise.com.

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