Eat Slowly, Move Fast: 98-Pound Chef’s Cookbook Available for Pre-Ordering


Complied by a chef who turned accidental vegan in 2013, when her health issues were remedied by wholesome plant-based diet, more than 100 recipes come with back stories and a chapter on health benefits of mindful eating. The recipes range from the vegan, gluten-free version of her Five-Cheese Macaroni with Prosciutto Bits, the grand-prize winner in a Taste of Home Magazine’s recipe contest, to never-before-published Raw Zucchini Pat Thai  with Cashew Coconut Cream.

Pittsburgh, PA, Washington, DC – June 29, 2016 – The two things Mya Zeronis loves more than anything are cooking and bicycling. It makes sense that her book is titled Eat Slowly, Move Fast: Plant-Perfect Recipes by a Holistic Chef and Cross-Country Cyclist. A chef who weighs 98 pounds, Zeronis is currently riding her bicycle from coast to coast in the U.S., organizing her recipes for this book into categories and chapters and working toward certification in Nutritional Therapy. She will be riding more than 4,400 miles total.

Up for another challenge, she aims to hit at least 250 pre-orders in less than 25 days, an average of 10 each day. She is crowdfunding her cookbook on, a site that connects authors directly with publishers. When her campaign’s goal is reached, the cookbook will get the attention of 27 publishers.

Gigi Balsamico, a vegan blogger who attended two of  Zeronis’ 3-hour-long, 14-item slow food brunches, understands slow eating. Blasamico wrote in her blog post An Evolution of Eating, “We rush around, and we are eating in the car, we are scarfing something down as we head out the door,or hurry through a drive-thru and ravenously eat some fried, processed nonsense that has zero nutritional value. Even when we go to a restaurant, there is always a reason to rush. And what suffers? Our bodies. The next time you are eating, take the time to look at what you’re eating, really chew your food, talk to the people you’re with and appreciate the time to settle and eat!”

Pre-ordering a copy of autographed cookbook costs $24 and it includes shipping. Perks for pre-ordering include invite to one of the book launch parties in Pittsburgh, PA and Washington, DC and a personalized diet plan. The perk for a sponsoring food manufacturer or artisan food producer is brand recognition in the recipe via use of the company’s food products as ingredients.

About the Author: Zeronis started cooking plant-strong farm food in her parents’ kitchen at the age of 11. After a decade-long career in several professional kitchens between Pittsburgh and Washington, DC, she made the leap in 2013, helping people with or without health conditions eat healthier. Nearly a dozen of her recipes won top prizes in national and local contests open to professional chefs. Some others were published in Taste of Home Magazine, The World’s Best Asian Noodle Recipes: 125 Great Recipe from Top Chefs cookbook, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and on blogs such as Brazen Kitchen and Azula.

For more information about Eat Slowly, Move Fast: Plant Perfect Recipes by a Holistic Chef and Cross-Country Cyclist, please visit: Zeronis can be reached at (412) 212-8816 or

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