Freshtetic Celebrates Grand Opening In Cranberry, Pa with 25% Off Any Customized Weight Loss Program


PITTSBURGH, PA (Feb. 18, 2015) ­– Freshtetic, an integrative health and wellness center located at 20395 U.S. 19 in Cranberry Township, Pa., is celebrating its grand opening by offering 25% off any customized weight loss program through the end of February.

While navigating her own weight loss journey, Owner Cindy Seibert learned the key to long-term health is a program that focuses on whole-body wellness, not just rapid weight loss. With several unique facilities, all under one roof, including a Weight Loss Clinic, Aesthetic Laser Spa, Integrative Health Center and Wellness Studio, Freshtetic’s team of specialized wellness experts focuses on teaching patients about the interconnectivity of their bodies.

“So many people focus only on trying to lose weight, trim fat, or eating healthy. They choose one area to focus on without realizing that they’re neglecting the others,” Seibert said. “We give you access to the latest tools, techniques, and knowledge to not only help you lose weight, but improve your health, appearance, mood, and overall well-being.”

Before the team of medical experts develops a custom weight loss program for a client, they first work to identify any underlying issues that may be preventing the client from losing weight. The Weight Loss Clinic analyzes diagnostic testing for each client to determine any hormonal imbalances that may be preventing weight loss. Medical experts then design customized weight loss programs based on the lab results. Programs may include One-on-One Nutrition Counseling, Custom Meal Plans, Medical Weight Loss Tools and Weight Loss Supplements.

The Integrative Health Center works to incorporate holistic wellness into a client’s weight loss program. Through acupuncture treatments, chiropractic care, pain management, massage therapy and nutritional enhancement, Freshtetic’s team of experts work to relieve pain and help heal pre-existing conditions. Once they’re feeling rejuvenated, clients can expand their knowledge of health and wellness by stopping into Freshtetic’s Your Wellness Studio for health seminars & workshops as they are scheduled.

The final step to overall well-being is ensuring that the mirror reflects the confidence that the client feels inside. Freshtetic’s Aesthetic Laser Spa shapes and tones a client’s body while rejuvenating the skin with Body Contouring, Integrative Acne Reduction and Paraben-Free Skincare.

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Phone: (724) 591-8083

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