The University School Continues to Implement World Renowned Bullying Prevention Program


The University School, a private, licensed college preparatory school in Shadyside, Pennsylvania takes a proactive stance to ensure a safe, accepting learning environment by adopting the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.

The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP), a research-based school-wide “systems change” program, has been implemented successfully in schools worldwide with positive results and documented outcomes.

This program is not a curriculum that students participate in for a few short weeks. Rather, it is a coordinated effort by all adults in the school building to supervise students and intervene when they witness bullying or when alleged incidents are reported to them.

As part of the program, students participate in weekly classroom meetings to learn about the effects of bullying, how to identify, prevent, and process incidents of bullying, and how they can work with adults to stop bullying situations, even as bystanders. Parents and caregivers are afforded the opportunity to meet, too, to ensure consistency and promotion the school’s anti-bullying message to their loved ones.

The school receives consultation from an OBPP Nationally Certified Trainer, Sharon Greene.

The University School is holding its kickoff event on Thursday, October 30, 2014. Families are invited to join students for a number of activities, including a balloon race, pumpkin carving, and tasty treats. Students are also invited to wear costumes during the day.

The University School has a history of providing an individualized and safe teaching environment for diverse learners. Students come to this school for a number of reasons – and often one of those is to feel accepted. At The University School, differences are embraced, talents are cultivated, and students, then, can realize their goals, achieve academic excellence, and become the person they aspire to be. By implementing the OBPP, we extend our commitment to ensuring that students who attend The University School are in a safe environment that is conducive to learning and maximizing one’s potential,” says Catherine Hughes, a member of the school’s OBPP Coordinating Committee, and also the parent of a student with exceptionalities.


Francine Liscotti, Administrative Assistant

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