Creative.Life.Support Revival Showcase Featuring the Reunion of Crisis Car

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Smalls Theatre will be hosting a “Creative.Life.Support Revival Series” Showcase at 7pm on Friday June 6th, 2014 featuring a special reunion of Crisis Car, Drowning Clowns, Morgan Erina, The Wreckids, Korel Tunador, and Phat Man Dee. The Creative.Life.Support Revival Series is a revolutionary model of local showcases where admission is free for over 21 ($2 for under 21). Each band will be distributing free tickets and are paid according to how many of their tickets are redeemed at the door. A tip jar also goes around between sets, earning the bands some extra cash.

Crisis Car was a staple of the Pittsburgh music scene in the early 00’s, earning them a strong fan base, consistent radio play and an opening support slot on the Summer 2000 tour of The Who. Following their success, the group separated to tackle new opportunities with members going on to join the touring bands of national acts The Goo Goo Dolls and Katy Perry as well as forming the self-proclaimed “psychedelic rock orchestra” the Drowning Clowns. The members of Crisis Car are refueled and are converging for this special reunion event – don’t let this extraordinary revival speed on by. This is one show not to be missed!


By: Rachel Lietch

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