Local Food Bank is Cut Government Funding, Needs Donations to Continue

June 5, 2013, North Braddock, PA – Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank recently cut the funding for Word and Worship Church’s Braddock Food Bank as a result of the food bank’s decision to not sign the organization’s new contract. To continue serving the community, the Braddock food bank is now asking for donations of non-perishable food to continue to distribute to the families that attend every month.

The new contract prohibited food bank volunteers from any religious actions, such as praying for or inviting recipients to the church services at the food bank location.

The decision, made in April 2013, to cut food bank funding included the removal of the facility’s utilities such as the refrigerators and freezers.

The food bank directors say the government funds have always gone towards the food bank’s needs, and have never been used for any church-related expense.

“There are people with real needs who really depend on this Food Bank who have nowhere else to go,” says food bank volunteer, Diane Smith.

“I should be able to ask for prayer and it should have nothing to do with me getting some groceries,” says Donald Cooper from Homestead and a current Braddock Food Bank recipient. “You’re saying in order for me to eat, I must not pray?”

The Braddock food bank has been serving the community for over 25 years and doesn’t plan to stop now. It currently sees that over 100 families receive food boxes every month, now completely supported by donations.

To make a donation or to learn more ways to help the food bank, please contact Alan Lohr at 412-824-1616. The food bank also will take food donations at their location:  1200 Wolfe Avenue, North Braddock, PA 15104.

Word and Worship Church, founded over 30 years ago, is one church with three campuses, located in North Braddock, White Oak and Murrysville. The church’s desire is to become integrated in the community through outreaches like the food bank and clothing room. The church also hosts the Family Center Daycare, Head Start Preschool, Celebrate Recovery, after-school tutoring, household and children’s school supply donations and more. To learn more about the church, please visit www.wordandworship.org.

By: Nicole Paladin

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