Rooter Medic Brings Advanced Sewer and Drain Services to Pittsburgh

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Rooter Medic provides the Pittsburgh region with top-quality plumbing services specializing in drain and sewer line issues. Rooter Medic combines urgency, technology, efficiency, and expertise for maintaining, repairing, and replacing plumbing systems in Pittsburgh area residents’ homes.

Focused on providing effective and efficient sewer and drain services, Rooter Medic uses the most up-to-date equipment and advanced solutions. Rooter Medic offers sewer and drain cleaning, root removal, trenchless sewer repair and replacement, camera inspections, and services for sinks and toilets. All of Rooter Medic’s services are aimed to alleviate clogs, eliminate backup, restore underground pipelines, and to provide a home with a dependable plumbing system. Rooter Medic also offers emergency services for addressing serious backups and complex problems, available to Pittsburgh customers 24/7, 365.

Residents in and around the Pittsburgh region can call Rooter Medic when their home experiences persistent clogs, sewage backup, slow-draining sinks, backed-up toilets, and more. Industry-leading tools such as sewer cameras, location devices, and powerful cleaning equipment allow Rooter Medic plumbers to accurately identify sewer and drain problems and to repair them correctly. Advanced technology also gives customers the chance to see inspection and repair processes for themselves.

Innovative solutions that Rooter Medic offers, like trenchless sewer repair and replacement, make complex work simpler and avoid large excavation projects and related costs. Rooter Medic aims to provide efficient service and to meet customers’ needs no matter how big or small their problem. Rooter Medic plumbers are local experts in sewer and drain solutions, with experience and continuous training and employed only after extensive background screening. They are able to explain each step of the process they complete and to involve homeowners in decision-making, as well.

Currently available to customers in the Pittsburgh area, Rooter Medic offers a Free Sewer Video Inspection. A video inspection is often the first step in identifying and fixing problems that exist within a sewer line. A small camera head is fed through the sewer line, and recorded images are displayed on a high-definition monitor for both plumber and homeowner to see. The camera serves as a way to detect obstructions, root intrusion, pipeline damage, buildup, and other issues that could cause clogs and backup. Once the problem has been identified, a solution will follow. Homeowners can get to the bottom of their plumbing problem once and for all and see what is happening deep underground where problems are otherwise unknown.

Pittsburgh residents can visit to learn more about all of the services offered and may call at any time to schedule an appointment or for an emergency. Rooter Medic provides services with 24/7 availability, 365 days of the year.


Contact: Rooter Medic (412) 563 – 7668

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