KidCrates Launches Platform to Introduce Parents and Kids to Latest Products, Brands, Activities

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, January 21, 2013 – KidCrates announced today the launch of a unique online discovery engine designed to introduce parents to the latest kid-related products, brands and activities. Once a parent shares some brief profile information about their child’s likes and interests, the KidCrates engine begins to match them to specific toys, apps and other activities. The engine continually learns from profile updates and on-site behavior to keep on-going recommendations timely and relevant.

Parents can purchase products à la carte or choose to receive personalized monthly KidCrates tailored to match the evolving profile of their child. Parents can select the items themselves or can hand the decision-making over to KidCrates and share in the surprise with their child when their crate arrives each month.

To celebrate its launch, KidCrates is offering the chance to win a 12-month subscription and gain exclusive access to its latest discoveries.
Visit to enter.

Jay Resio, founder and CEO stated, “We’re very excited to empower families with a convenient, dynamic and simple way to provide their children with ongoing excitement, variety and enrichment as it pertains to products, information, apps and activities. KidCrates gives families new ways to bond and generate memories to last a lifetime.”

Over the past decade, there has been an extraordinary shift in the way families research and make purchasing decisions. Their lives are rapidly evolving with new tasks around each corner. The contemporary family openly embraces technology and looks to it to create order in their busy lives.

CMO Chris Bernardi added, “We recognize the need for immediate gratification among today’s tech-savvy and time-crunched families. Ultimately, KidCrates provides parents with an innovative purchasing experience and comfort that lets them feel they’ve made a smart, responsible decision that demonstrates their commitment to their most valuable investment – their children.”

About KidCrates:
KidCrates’ mission is to empower the over 25 million children ages 3 – 10 in the United States and their parents to discover the latest activities, products, and brands. KidCrates is a privately held company that is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

For additional information contact:
Chris Bernardi, CMO

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