Pittsburgh Derby Brats Jr League is Recruiting

The next generation of roller derby has hit town! Proud to join the 100+ junior derby leagues across the country, the Pittsburgh Derby Brats focus on empowering girls aged 10 – 17 to become their own superheros through the power of roller derby. The Pgh Derby Brats will hold two meetings for interested recruits to find out more. The meetings are Saturday, Dec. 1 at 11am and Sunday, Dec. 9 at noon, both held at Neville Roller Drome. The meetings will include a short demo of the skills Brats will learn, rundown of equipment, season schedule, and testimonials from coaches and skaters about their own experiences with junior derby. Sign up for the meeting by emailing info@pittsburghderbybrats.com or finding us on Facebook at Pittsburgh Derby Brats.

What is junior derby?

Junior derby for girls under 18 started in 2006, with the formation of the first Derby Brats league. Jr leagues play by the same derby rules as adults but with an emphasis on positional blocking over heavy hits. As junior skaters advance in skill, they have opportunities to play full-contact derby and even travel to other states for away games. This is not the flamboyantly choreographed derby you may remember seeing on TV in the 1970’s and 80’s. Junior roller derby is a competitive sport and a strict training regimen and clearly stated rules accompany the fun derby names and “boutfits”.

There are now over 144 junior leagues operating in the country, with their own conventions and tournaments. Numerous Brats have not only “graduated” to the over-18 leagues but secured roster spots for nationally-ranked travel teams, including playing for two of the final four teams in this year’s Womens Flat Track Derby Association national championship.

The Pittsburgh Derby Brats are led by a group of veteran rollergirls and rink owners dedicated to bringing derby to the next generation of awesome women. Head coach Whiskey Mick’s decade of derby experience includes previous jr league coaching and Neville rink owners Sophie & Jim Park bring a lifetime of roller-skating and business knowledge. A number of other veteran roller derby players and officials will also lend their hands to making the Pittsburgh Derby Brats a success in the Steel City.

By: Whiskey Mick

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