Mob Communications, LLC and Ice 9 Studio Host an Evening of Creative Networking

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Two innovative businesses joined by a passion for uniting artistic talent will celebrate their launch on Thursday, November 29th with an evening of complimentary cocktails, creativity, and connections. 

Mob Communications, LLC (Mob) and Ice 9 Studio Tattoo and Body Piercing (Ice 9 Studio), invite emerging and established business, arts, and community development professionals for a networking happy hour at 5:30 p.m., followed by a launch party from 8:00 – 10:00p.m. at Ice 9 Studio on the South Side (2334 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA, 15203). RSVPs encouraged:

Mob Communications, LLC is the brainchild of Pittsburgh boomerang, former Apple employee, and business operations mastermind, Cathy Rescher, 37. While providing businesses with innovative design solutions, Rescher sees Mob as a fluid network where talented innovators converge to create interdisciplinary marketing solutions – and make a great living in the process. “We’re young, we’re motivated, and we’re in step with the latest technologies,” she says. “I want to grow this business as a channel for talented independent freelancers to reach new audiences, promote their areas of expertise, and collaborate on cutting-edge projects with powerful messages and business results.”

It’s a vision shared by Ice 9 Studio co-founders Mihailo Vukelic, 41, and Michael Flores, 43 (owner of Flying Monkey Tattoo). Vukelic, born in Serbia and raised in New York City and Pittsburgh, where his family remains, returned to the ‘Burgh from Houston, Texas, leaving a prolific fine art painting career in New York City galleries, national museum exhibitions, and representation in several private collections to reincarnate once again. Also an esteemed comic book illustratror, Vukelic now leverages these varying approaches in his tattoo designs. “I’m of the mind that as artists, we have to adjust to the times and adapt to the marketplace by developing numerous sides of our talent. We need to be flexible and multi-faceted if we are to make a living doing what we love. It was a big change for me to leave the gallery tradition for the tattoo world, but it’s been a fascinating adventure,” he says.

Vukelic and Rescher are interested in promoting young talent. “As creative individuals, we’re driven by a vision to explore the collective capabilities of artists and producers,” says Rescher. Both entrepreneurs also view their businesses as economic catalysts to produce the type of multi-media projects that interest them. “We are eager to connect with fellow artists who have complementary skill sets and to share our artistic and physical resources to further Pittsburgh’s unique creative community ” says Vukelic.

Meanwhile, it’s the ability to notice and nurture the potential in unusual places that Rescher feels sets her apart as a businessperson. “I would have scoffed if you told me two years ago that I’d be hanging out in a tattoo parlor. But what I’ve realized is that these tattoo artists are incredible illustrators. They perform on-demand, day in and day out, under tremendous pressure with quick turnarounds, to transform a customer’s often vague vision into a carefully crafted, permanent body design,” she says. “That’s extraordinary!”

As Vukelic holds down fort in the competitive world of East Carson Street tattoo parlors, Rescher holds online court in the digital frontier. But both look forward to making new connections at the joint launch of their respective businesses on Thursday, November 29th.

Mob Communications, LLC (Mob) – – is a collaborative design agency with a broad network of skilled designers, animators, writers, developers, and strategists – called “Mobsters” – who partner with businesses to expand market share, aggressively define and promote brands, and challenge the status quo with high-impact messages. Its collaborative model enables Mob to assemble tailor-fit teams with skills and experience aligned to each client’s needs and objectives. Alternatively, clients have the ability to peruse and request members of Mob’s talent line-up as seen on the website. 
Join Mob on Facebook or Twitter.

Ice 9 Studio Tattoo and Body Piercing (Ice 9) – – is a custom tattoo shop focused on more than just the traditional craft of tattooing. The shop vision is to employ the talent of its diverse art team to produce everything from fine arts, multi-media projects, in-house book publishing, comics and apparel design. Join Ice 9 on Facebook.

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