Kickstarter Project to open Mini’s Coffee Shop in Finleyville PA

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Kickstarter Project to Open Coffee Shop Near Finleyville, PA.

When Kyle Lee Hufnagel and Fiancee Annie Quinio moved back to his hometown of Finleyville, PA last year, they were shocked to learn that there wasn’t a single coffee shop in their new town and decided to do something about it.

We talked to a pretty diverse group: construction workers, contractors, carpenters, small business owners, commuters and even the Chief at the local volunteer fire hall, but they all told us the same thing: “you need to make this happen.” So we decided to use Kickstarter to fund our dream.

We think that every town needs good coffee. Because, coffee isn’t just a white Styrofoam cup, an automatic drip machine, or a pot that has been sitting on a burner since who knows when. Its a daily ritual for tired early morning commuters, a  reason to sit down and catch up with old friends, a valuable companion for a hard working student, and a part of our lives.

According to Annie Quinio, co-founder of Mini’s Coffee, “A coffee shop offers a community a common ground to connect, share, and create, and great coffee brings them together. And that is why we are using Kickstarter to raise money to open a Coffee Shop.”

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For Further Information contact:
Anne Quinio
Phone: 724-782-0487

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