MetroMarks launches in Pittsburgh, PA !!!


CITIES go SOCIAL  / Immediate Press Release to all Worldwide Travel Blogs/Press

Aug 27, 2012 (Toronto, Canada)

Toronto entrepreneur, Ayden Byle launches MetroMarks, the fastest growing travel site for city travelers.

When traveling to a city there are bits of information we all need. The weather, transit maps, attractions/events and things to do, movie times and of course hotel deals from all the leading providers.

MetroMarks grabs all the best quality sites on the net with this information, in a very comprehensive way and serves it up faster than anyone.
In fact a traveler can find all the above information about a city in less than ten seconds without even touching their keyboard; whether they are mobile and using their ipad or on their desktop.

In addition MetroMarks aggregates or profiles all the social media streams for each city as well. Travelers can see a city’s flickr pics, trending tweets on twitter, the city’s pinterest and youtube streams, all it’s trendy blogs as well as meet locals or simply ask a local for advice about their city destination.

MetroBuzz the official MetroMarks Blog similarly aggregates content for each city from our user base and the travel community. Presenting things in each city like hidden gems, interesting travel experiences or great pics of city skylines.

Needless to say MetroMarks is trying heavily to partner with travel blogs, the travel press, other travel websites and the travel community at large.
They have received favourable reviews and press from tech and travel blogs in dozens of cities.

Here is a great blog post about the uses of MetroMarks and some great feedback:

For all press inquiries please contact the founder directly:

Ayden Byle
647 746 2060


By: Adam Zettler

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