Gillece Services Now Featuring Whole House Water Filtration Sweepstakes


With a growing concern over water quality in the Pittsburgh area, Gillece has been educating customers and offering products for improving overall water quality in a home. Customers and area residents can now enter to win a free Whole House Water Filtration System through a new Gillece sweepstakes.

Pittsburgh water quality is of the worst in the country due to a high presence of certain, potentially harmful contaminants. These contaminants can affect a person’s health when ingested, and other effects may occur from physical contact with water. Gillece water quality systems can address drinking water and hard water issues, which account for two different areas of concern. The Whole House Water Filter given away in the filtration sweepstakes filters water throughout an entire home for better drinking water and improved quality in general.

Tap water may be polluted with as many as 60,000 different chemicals as a result of treatment to the main water supply, and drinking unfiltered water could potentially cause illness or disease. The Gillece Sweepstakes’ Whole House Water Filter improves drinking water by filtering out impurities before water reaches the tap. Granular Activated Carbon works to remove contaminants such as chlorine and improves water’s taste and smell.

The Whole House Water Filter is installed between a home’s main water line and interior pipes, so all of a home’s water is filtered. It is self-cleaning and eco-friendly, using less energy and eliminating the need for bottled water. The Whole House Filter may have a number of other benefits, including prolonged life of appliances, cleaner, brighter clothes, clearer dishes, and softer skin.

Residents in the Southwestern Pa areas that Gillece serves are eligible to enter to win the Water Filtration Sweepstakes. These areas include: Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Washington, and Westmoreland Counties. Gillece Services provides and installs both whole-house and concentrated water quality products for its customers.

For over 30 years, Gillece Services has been Pittsburgh area’s one-stop-shop for Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electrical, Waterproofing, Indoor Air Quality, and Water Quality services – emergency, maintenance and replacement. Family owned and operated, President Tom Gillece innovated the Gillece “There the Same Day or You Don’t Pay!”* service policy and “Always Here to Take Your Call!” customer philosophy.

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