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Mike Buzzelli’s nonfiction book, Below Average Genius (ISBN 978-1-60594-931-4, published July, 2012), a collection of narrative essays culled from his weekly humor column at Observer-Reporter newspaper, is now available exclusively at

Each essay is a brisk, humorous tale about ordinary, daily situations blown up ridiculously big. For example, “It’s a Blurry, Blurry World” chronicles Buzzelli’s inability to snap a decent photograph at Disneyland. “Come On, Come on to My House” explores the dynamic of watching a movie or television show at someone else’s home.

Following is an excerpt from the titular essay, “Below Average Genius:”

I’m not smart enough to hang with the intellectuals, but stupid people annoy me mightily. I’d be a genius on Wheel of Fortune but a dummy on Jeopardy. Take this example from a Final Jeopardy question: “This cheese was created in 1892 by Emil Frey and named for a singing society whose members loved the cheese.” None of the contestants answered correctly, “What is Liederkranz?” That’s a pretty tough question. I don’t think I’ve ever spread a Liederkranz on a cracker. I can only name a few cheeses anyway and as far as I know Cheddar, Havarti, Swiss and Goat were never singing groups. Frey is also credited with creating Velveeta. Apparently, he was a real cheese whiz.

Mike Buzzelli is a stand up comedian and published author. As a comedian, he has performed all around the country most notably, the Ice House, the Comedy Store and the Improv in Los Angeles. Buzzelli recently moved back to Pittsburgh, where he is a contributing writer to Patch and the Observer Reporter in Washington County, PA. His book can be found here.
By: Mike Buzzelli

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