Energy Swing Windows Donates Animal Oxygen Mask to Local Fire Departments


Energy Swing Windows Equips Four Fire Departments With Life-Saving Pet Oxygen Masks Thanks To Contributions Made By Its Clients

(Murrysville, PA)  Thanks to Energy Swing Windows’ contributions to Project Breathe, four more fire departments are equipped with life- saving Pet Oxygen Masks. Energy Swing Windows is helping to support Project Breathe, a national campaign sponsored by Invisible Fence® Brand to equip every fire station in the US and Canada with specially designed Pet Oxygen Masks.

As a part of their customer appreciation event, Energy Swing Windows chose to raise awareness for Project Breathe and asked its customers to build on its existing donation program.  Thanks to their contributions, Export, Delmont, Paintertown and South Greensburg Fire Departments were presented with Pet Oxygen Masks by the Invisible Fence Company of Pittsburgh on Wednesday, July 25. The presentation was part of a short ceremony held at Energy Swing Windows. The fire chiefs from each department were on hand to accept the masks.

“We were so impressed with the generosity of our customers.  Knowing these fire departments in our community will be able to add a critical component to their emergency supplies to help save pets in emergency situations is a great feeling,” said Drew Barto, Director of Marketing at Energy Swing Windows.

An estimated 500,000 pets are affected annually by home fires according to a new data analysis by the National Fire Protection Association and an estimated 40,000 to 150,000 pets die each year in fires; most succumbing to smoke inhalation. Since starting Project Breathe in 2007, over 10,000 masks have been donated nationwide, with over 80 reported lives saved.

Invisible Fence® Brand started the Pet Oxygen Mask Donation Program to provide oxygen mask kits to first responders. Each kit has three mask sizes that can be used on dogs and cats of all sizes and even gerbils and snakes. “Basically, anything with a snout,” stated Carolyn Mento, co-owner of Invisible Fence of Pittsburgh.

The mask has a rubber seal to create an airtight seal around the animal’s snout. The first responder can hold the mask on the pet and bring him back to consciousness. First responders can provide life-saving support until veterinary care can be obtained. Each mask can be used to resuscitate pets as well as be used with an oxygen source.

The event on July 25 also kicked off a joint campaign, the Rescue My Pets Project, to donate pet rescue decals to Fire Stations in Allegheny, Westmoreland and Indiana County.  When responding to a fire that involves pets, firefighters make it a point to search for pets if they know about them.  Pet Rescue decals affixed to a door or window alert firemen that there may be a pet trapped inside the house.

For more information or to contribute to Project Breathe or the Pet Rescue Decal campaign, please contact the Invisible Fence of Pittsburgh at 724-832-3134.

For more information contact Drew Barto at 724-387-2991 or
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