Weavertown Promotes Heiser to Expand Company in Oil and Gas Industry

CARNEGIE, PA   Feb. 9,2012 – Weavertown Environmental Group and Subsidiaries has named Daryl Heiser as Corporate Vice-President to continue to build the company’s growth and to expand operations in the Marcellus and Utica Shale oil and gas industry.

“Heiser brings multi-disciplined leadership and client development skills which are the cornerstone of Weavertown success,” said Weavertown Group President and CEO Dawn Fuchs.  “Focus on client need and relationship development are the basics fundamentals we concentrate on every day.  Through his work with clients, Heiser significantly contributed to our company’s growth mode over the last three years.”

Fuchs said the company’s service work in the Marcellus and Utica Shale industry has been very successful.  Heiser led Weavertown, along with the company’s executive team, to realize its growth vision.

Weavertown will soon open a new office, in Canton, OH, to service the Utica Shale activities and will explore the Mid-Western states’ shale industry for business opportunities, according to Fuchs.  While Weavertown is active in shale operations, she said the company continues to service power plants, petroleum-based industry, coal mines and manufacturing.

Heiser started his career with Weavertown as a heating oil deliveryman, worked in field operations and became a project manager for large projects such as plant closures demolitions and tank cleanings.  He was named General Manager in 2002 as Fuchs became President and CEO of the organization.  Heiser is married with three children and lives in Washington County, PA.

About Weavertown Environmental Group and Subsidiaries

Founded in 1981, Weavertown is a full service environmental company.  In addition to environmental and emergency response contracting, Weavertown is well-known for its site remediation, consulting, industrial hygiene, AAA towing, vehicle maintenance and repair, stone aggregate and landscape supply.  The company is active in Marcellus and Utica Shale operations with its water and bulk hauling, non-hazardous waste treatment, sampling and analytical services, and emergency response work.  Weavertown maintains offices in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky.  For more information, contact www.weavertown.com   


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