Pittsburgh, PA — The “Pitts-burrrrrgh” Drowned Hogs rescheduled their annual swim (originally scheduled for the Saturday before Ground Hog day) on the advice of Pittsburgh EMS and River Rescue staff. The Drowned Hogs will gather at the 18th Street Boat Ramp on the South Side this Saturday, February 4th to take their annual plunge into the Mon River to help local kids — and add their own unique spin to Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction for when spring is to arrive.

Warm-ups begin at 11:00 AM and the Plunge is at NOON. It’s a great way to celebrate the coming of spring with mascots Monongahela Mari and the Mayor of Hogdom! Ample press areas will be available at the dock. For complete event details go to www.circlec.net.

Swimmers and the public are welcome to share a hot cup of coffee compliments of Starbucks, Pittsburgh’s own Better-Maid Donuts, and some inspiring headdresses and other “flotation devices” from Kahuna Balloona. Swimmers can get doused with warm water to shake off the chill of the “Mon in a “Hog Wash” hosted by Mastershield. “Head Hog,” Al Bollinger will help lead the charge along with Frank Nelson, president of the Pittsburgh Polar Bear Club.

After the plunge, all are invited to the “Hog Thaw Jam” at the Inn-Termission Lounge  ( 1908 East Carson Street) for warm chili compliments of Piper’s Pub, door prizes and hot blues by Miss Freddye and Mike Huston.

About Circle C Youth & Family Services
Circle C is a private, nonprofit agency serving troubled and disadvantaged youth throughout the greater Pittsburgh area since 1967. Through community-based group homes, foster care and transition support programs, they provide treatment and therapy to children, adolescents and young adults from Allegheny County. Approximately 240 children were served over the past year. Circle C gratefully acknowledges their corporate sponsors, including: Mastershield, Northwest Savings Bank, First National Bank, and Hoffman Kane Distributors.

By: Barbara Ginsburg

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