Teacher Workshop: More Shakespeare Alive!

Pittsburgh, PA, November 2, 2011– Shakespeare-in-the-Schools is proud to bring back acclaimed arts educator Gillian McNally for its 13th annual Teacher Workshop. In this year’s session, More Shakespeare Alive!, Ms. McNally will continue to explore how working with classic Shakespeare plays can lead to an exciting learning experience. This workshop will provide attendees with proven classroom techniques and strategies designed to help your students read, understand and perform Shakespeare’s texts. The material covered will be completely new, so both newcomers and previous workshop attendees are invited to join us. Open to educators and teaching artists, we’ve designed this workshop to provide you with tools and lessons to help your students feel comfortable reading and enacting Shakespeare’s texts with confidence, emotion and understanding.

Teachers will gain: fun and engaging activities to help students overcome fears of exploring Shakespeare, connections to other educators in the southwestern PA region, written lesson plans for all workshop activities,  five (5) ACT 48 credit hours, classroom strategies that address the Pennsylvania Academic Standards in Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening (1.1-1.8) and Arts and Humanities (9.1-9.4).

Gillian McNally serves as an Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts and Education at the University of Northern Colorado. She received the 2011 Higher Education Theatre Educator of the Year Award from the Alliance for Colorado Theatre. Ms. McNally teaches courses for both undergraduate and graduate students in theatre education. She recently directed ¡Bocòn! and

Holes and served as the supervising director for Tomato Plant Girl, El Viaje de Beatriz, and The Courage to Stand. Her writing has been published in Stage of the Art and Theatre for Young Audiences Today. Ms. McNally has extensive experience particularly with underserved, low- income populations in some of this country’s most harshly economically challenged cities.

BROUGHT TO YOU BY: University of Pittsburgh’s Shakespeare-in-the-Schools Program

WHERE: Stephen Foster Memorial, 4301 Forbes Avenue

WHEN: Friday, November 18, 2011 – 8:30am-3:00pm

REGISTER:   Call 412-624-3459, Email sits@pitt.edu, or www.shakespeare.pitt.edu

The University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Theatre Arts (founded in 1982) offers BA, MA, MFA and PhD degrees in Theatre Arts.  All faculty members are active in teaching, research, and artistic projects.  The department shares a philosophy of theatre education, the chief feature of which is the firm conviction that theory and practice, academic and creative work, and educational and professional theatre must be integrated for a successful program of theatre education.  The University of Pittsburgh Repertory Theatre is the department’s flagship theatre company with performance spaces in the landmark Stephen Foster Memorial and the Cathedral of Learning.  For more information about the University of Pittsburgh Repertory Theatre, please visit www.play.pitt.edu.  

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