AIA Pittsburgh Announces 2011 Design Award Winners

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 2011 Design Award Winners Announced

AIA Pittsburgh celebrates excellence in architecture and design

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 28, 2011 –The Pittsburgh chapter of the American Institute of Architects presented the 2011 Design Awards on Wednesday, October 26 at the annual Design Awards Ceremony held at the August Wilson Center for African American Culture. Attended by nearly 400 AIA Pittsburgh members, staff, Board of Directors, sponsors and supporters, the event marked the culmination of Design Pittsburgh 2011, a month long celebration of architecture and design in the region and honored outstanding accomplishments of architects and architectural design firms in the region.

“Throughout the month, we have highlighted the importance of good design in our region – and how our members, sponsors, partners, and the public support and promote the value of architecture and design in the places that we work, live and play,” said Anne Swager, Executive Director. “Our theme for this year’s program – “Architecture. Experience it!,- represents our Chapter’s commitment to get people talking and thinking about design, and about the role that architects, designers, and the public serve in creating good design. We cast as spotlight this year on our members, and how they purposefully create designs with the end-user in mind, and how intentional design helps to shape the public’s experiences with their environments.”

The Design Awards Ceremony is the last and most anticipated event of Design Pittsburgh. The purpose of the Design Awards is to recognize and promote excellence in the craft of architecture, as created by the members of the AIA. Presented annually at the close of the Design Pittsburgh celebration, the Design Awards are judged by an out of town jury, and are open to AIA members and firms whose principal(s) are members of AIA Pittsburgh, or any member of any AIA chapter across the country who has a project in the 10 county area represented by AIA Pittsburgh can be included in the design competition. All projects must have at least one AIA Pittsburgh architect on the project team. All submissions for the AIA Pittsburgh Design Awards Competition can only be submitted by an AIA Pittsburgh architect. Members could submit projects in the Architecture, Architectural Detail/Craftsmanship, Interior Architecture, Regional & Urban Design, and the Timeless Award categories, Design & Innovation, Historic Preservation, and the Young Architects Studio Competition.

The jury, from New York City, was led by Linda Pollack, AIA of Marpillero Pollack Architects, and included Thomas Hut, AIA of HS2 Architecture, and Ellen Neises with James Corner Field Operations. Seventy-seven design award submissions were juried, and sixteen design awards were presented in the Architecture, Interior Architecture, Regional & Urban Design, Historic Preservation, Timeless Architecture, and the Young Architects Studio Competition categories. In addition to the juried awards, AIA Pittsburgh announced the 2011 People’s Choice Award selected by popular public votes recorded on the Design Pittsburgh website at “On behalf of the organization and our Board of Directors, we are delighted with the jury’s results and think the 2011 Design Awards represent the best in architectural achievements from within our professional association,” said Eric Osth, AIA, President of AIA Pittsburgh’s Board of Directors.

2011 Design Award Winners

  • Award: People’s Choice Award
    Architecture Firm: Desmone & Associates Architects
    Client: The Rock Entertainment
    Design Team: Luke Desmone, AIA and Beth Nelson, AIA
    Contractor: Pittsburgh Contracting Network
    Photographer: Massery Photography, Inc.
  • Category: Timeless Architecture
    Award: Award of Excellence
    Project: Chatham Village
    Architecture Firm: IKM Incorporated
    Client: Buhl Foundation
    Design Team: Ingham & Boyd; Clarence Stein & Henry Wright
    Photographer: IKM Incorporated, Natale Cozzolongo
  • Category: Historic Preservation
    Award: Award of Excellence
    Project: Kauffman Center
    Architecture Firm: Renaissance 3 Architects
    Client: Hill House Association
    Design Team: Deepak Wadhwani, AIA, LEED AP; Utkarsh Ghildyal; Todd Peters; Sanela Rebholz; Rachel Furmanski
    Contractor: Massaro Corporation
    Photographer: Massery Photography, Inc.
  • Category: Regional and Urban Design
    Award: Certificate of Merit
    Project: Revive Cincinnati: Neighborhoods of the Lower Mill Creek Valley
    Architecture Firm: Urban Design Associates
    Client: City of Cincinnati, Department of City Planning and Buildings
    Design Team: Paul B. Ostergaard, AIA; Rob Robinson, AIA; Ryan Yurcaba; Joseph Nikol, AICP;
    David Csont, ASAI; Joseph Skibba; Megan O’Hara; Caitlin O’Hara; Terry Welsh
  •  Category: Regional & Urban Design
    Award: Honor Award
    Project: Creating a Living City: A Case Study in Eco-district Planning
    Architecture Firm: evolve environment :: architecture
    Client: Kingsly Association; Carlos Gasca; Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh
    Design Team: Christine Mondor, AIA; Zach Hartle; Cole Williams; David Eskenazi; David Deal, LEED AP; Lindsey Waters
  • Category: Interior Architecture
    Award: Certificate of Merit
    Project: Burgatory – Helluva Burger and Heavenly Shakes
    Architecture Firm: Jen Bee Designs
    Client: Burgatory
    Design Team: Jen Bee, AIA
    Contractor: Brubach Construction Co.
    Photographer: Mark Paczan
  • Category: Architecture
    Award: Honor Award and Green Design Citation*
    Project: Springfield Literacy Center
    Firm: STANTEC, Inc.
    Client: Springfield School District
    Design Team: Rob Pillar, AIA, LEED AP; Michael Corb, AIA; Bob Gaskill, AIA, LEED AP
    Contractor: E. P. Guidi, Inc.

    Photographer: Jeffrey Totaro

*The Green Design Citation, recognizes projects that have distinguished themselves by going beyond a green checklist, embracing the spirit of sustainability. This award also recognizes the growing impact that buildings have on human health, worker productivity, and the natural environmental and regional prosperity. Only the Architecture, Interior Architecture and Historic Preservation projects can receive the Green Design Citation.

  • Category: Architecture
    Award: Certificate of Merit
    Project: Erie Art Museum Addition and Renovation
    Firm: EDGE studio
    Client: John Vanco, Director
    Design Team: Anne Chen, AIA, LEED AP; Gary Carlough, AIA; Jonathan Golli; Matt Fineout; Matthew Manzo; Stephen Mrdjenovich; Adam Beauliew; Jen Bee, AIA;
    Swee Hong Ng; Kyle Sawchuck
    Contractor: Spaulding Banks Project Management, Inc.
    Photographer: David Joseph Photography
  • Category: Architecture
    Award: Certificate of Merit
    Project: Swanson School of Engineering, Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation
    Firm: EDGE studio
    Client: University of Pittsburgh
    Design Team: Gary Carlough, AIA; Jeff King, AIA; Mick McNutt, AIA; Jonathan Eggert, AIA; Justin Weaver; Kyle Sawchuck; Stephen Mrdjenovich
    Contractor: Mascaro Construction Co. / P.J. Dick
    Photographer: Massery Photography, Inc.
  • Category: Architecture
    Award: Certificate of Merit
    Project: Three PNC Plaza
    Firm: Gensler & Astorino
    Client:  PNC
    Design Team: Beth Campbell, AIA; Doug Gensler, AIA; Steve Weindel, AIA;
    Hao Ko, AIA, LEED AP; Ben Tranel, AIA, LEED AP, Lou Astorino, FAIA
    Contractor: P.J. Dick
    Photographer: Bruce Damonte
  • Category: Architecture
    Award: Certificate of Merit
    Project: Lola House
    Firm: moss Architects
    Client: Michelle Yanefski
    Design Team: Andrew Moss, AIA and Michelle Yanefski
    Contractor:  Flynn Construction
    Photographer: Snyder Photography
  • Category: Architecture
    Award: Certificate of Merit
    Project: The Avenue Apartments
    Firm: Rothschild Doyno Collaborative
    Client: Ralph A. Falbo, Inc.
    Design Team: Dan Rothschild, AIA, LEED AP; Ken Doyno, AIA, LEED AP; Jeffrey Kalina, Assoc. AIA; Geoff Campbell, LEED AP; Daniel Tse, Assoc. AIA; Drew Mosher, Assoc. AIA; Jennifer Matthews, Assoc. AIA; Justin Losego, Assoc. AIA; Kate Tunney, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP; Melanie Buzgan-Dower, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP; Michael Gwin, AIA, LEED AP; Renee Miles, Assoc. AIA; Tara Earnest, Assoc. AIA; Terry Oden, AIA; Martha Solomon; Katie Belkofer
    Contractor: Mistick Construction Company
    Photographer: Massery Photography, Inc.
  • Category: Architecture
    Award: Honor Award
    Project: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, East Liberty Branch
    Firm: EDGE studio
    Client: Barbara Mistick, Director
    Design Team: Anne Chen, AIA, LEED AP; Gary Carlough, AIA; Jonathan Eggert; Amanda Markovic;
    Stephen Mrdjenovich; Billy Almon
    Contractor: Rycon Construction, Inc.
    Photographer: Massery Photography, Inc.
  • Category: Architecture
    Award: Honor Award
    Project: The Emerald Art Glass House
    Firm: FISHER ARCHitecture
    Client: Withheld at Owner’s Request
    Design Team: Eric Fisher, AIA, LEED AP; Eli Rosenwasser; Anthony Meave, AIA
    Contractor: Bob Zielinski
    Photographer: Eric Fisher, AIA, LEED AP
  • Category: Architecture
    Award: Honor Award
    Project: Mountbatten Nanotechnology Electronics Research Complex
    Client: University of Southampton
    Design Team: F. Jeffrey Murray, AIA, LEED AP; Adam May; Bob McDunn, AIA;
    Chris Radovic; Jason Chen
    Contractor: Bovis Lend Lease Limited
    Photography: Peter Cook, Photographer
  • Category: Architecture
    Award: Honor Award
    Client: University of Southampton
    Design Team: F. Jeffrey Murray, AIA, LEED AP; Adam May; Bob McDunn, AIA;
    Chris Radovic; Jason Chen
    Contractor: Bovis Lend Lease Limited
    Photography: Peter Cook, Photographer
  • Category: Young Architects Studio Competition (YASC)
    Award: Honor Award
    The Young Architects Studio Competition Honor Awards were presented to Kathryn Walsh for Exercise City and Jared Friedman for Uncover Pittsburgh.

This category was created last year by AIA Pittsburgh to encourage young professionals to showcase their talent, challenge them to find innovative ways to approach a regional design problem. This year’s competition, “A Stair to Where?” focuses on our city. Pittsburgh is filled with changes in elevation, and these changes become obstacles when moving from one place to the next, as modes of transportation in urban environments expand, the necessity for safe pedestrian pathways increases. The challenge for this competition was to design an imaginative stair in the City of Pittsburgh. The Young Architects Studio Competition entries were judged by measuring the designer’s performance against the project’s potential, and the skill in optimizing the design opportunity. The successful design projects incorporated the following elements:

  • Be a way for people to effectively and safely change elevation
  • Connect two or more points in space
  • Make a place
  • Create an experience
  • Be responsive to the Pittsburgh vernacular
  • Enhance pedestrian patterns
  • Be safe for use during day or night
  • Not depend on grid power for lighting and kinetic elements if the latter are used in the design

Background: Held every October, Design Pittsburgh, a signature program of AIA Pittsburgh, and highlights excellence in architecture and design in the Pittsburgh region. It’s both a celebration and showcase to honor the best architectural achievements of the past year. Design Pittsburgh is recognized as the industry’s opportunity to promote the great influence and impact of quality architectural design, as well as healthy and sustainable communities through environmentally conscious building and design practices. AIA Pittsburgh presented Design Pittsburgh 2011, with support made possible by generous sponsors including Official Sponsor, The Gateway Engineers, Inc., and Media Partner, Pittsburgh Magazine. For a complete list of sponsors, visit AIA Pittsburgh’s Design Pittsburgh website


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