SEO or PPC – Which Is Better for Your Business?

SEO is the process of optimizing your website to improve the traffic that finds your site through search engines.

PPC is a way to drive traffic to your site through online advertising. You only pay when your ad is clicked, hence the name, pay-per-click.

The two processes are vastly different, but they can work together for better search engine optimization for your business in Ottawa 

Pros and Cons of SEO  

There’s a lot that Ottawa business owners need to know about search engine optimization. SEO refers to organic lead generation.

With SEO, you implement measures to make sure your site can be indexed by search engines. When a user searches for your product or service, you want your site to show up in search.

Organic SEO is a very effective method of advertising. When your site is properly optimized, it can rank high in search, even if you have to step away from active digital marketing for a couple of weeks. That said, it can take time for your site to move up in the rankings.

SEO is time-consuming and can be quite challenging unless you pay an SEO agency in Ottawa to maintain your site.  

Pros and Cons of PPC  

PPC ad campaigns are based on keyword searches. You can set your budget for specific search phrases to get the traffic that matters to your business.

PPC gets much quicker results than SEO.

Once you start the PPC campaign, your ad appears inappropriate searches. Your ad shows up on the top spots, so there’s no waiting around for the search engines to index your site. But PPC is highly competitive.

You may pay more for the best keywords, which will drive up the cost of paid search advertising. When your PPC campaign is over, you lose that lead generation tool. Finding the right keywords to drive traffic to your site can take time, too.

SEO and PPC Complement Each Other  

When you use PPC to drive traffic to your site, your site must be set up to attract customers and to get them into your pipeline. You can’t simply have a PPC campaign without having an attractive, functional website design in Ottawa that includes SEO. If you’re trying to decide between SEO and PPC, you have to consider your overall digital marketing plan, business goals, and your budget.

Combining SEO and PPC efforts can help your business be more successful online. Contact an experienced SEO agency in Ottawa to learn more about making SEO and PPC work collaboratively for your business.  

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