Is Cornwall, Ontario a good place to live with my family?

As a town on the Canadian-United States border, Cornwall is often overlooked as a place to build a home with a family. We think it’s a great place to set down roots. Cornwall has all the great amenities of a larger city, but it has retained its small-town vibe amidst a changing economy.

Homes for sale in Cornwall, Ontario are more affordable than other places closer to large urban centers. With accessibility and green initiatives being a focus of the city, Cornwall has plenty to offer its residents. The community is an inviting place to live, and many home buyers are now starting to recognize this fact.


Cornwall has countless opportunities for children in sports, arts, education, and culture. The area has excellent schools that focus on academics, community, and sports, to give your children a well-rounded start in life. The Benson Centre is a $32-million sports facility that has world-class athletic events.

The St. Lawrence River has over 75 km of bike and walking trails, plus all kinds of water sports. If sports aren’t your thing, don’t worry. There are plenty of cultural activities throughout the year at local venues that support theatre, arts, and music.

Cornwall has an efficient public transit system that can connect you throughout the city and the greater Ottawa community. With plenty of job opportunities and the ability to work remotely, there are so many reasons that your family should consider living in Cornwall.

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