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The construction business is booming with the development of infrastructure. Renting out heavy equipment is proven to be more cost-effective than purchasing the same. OEC Rentals offers articulated dump trucks for hire to do away with the need for purchasing equipment.

Pittsburgh, PA, 24 September 2021:

With the booming industry of infrastructure, construction projects have taken a front seat. These projects require heavy equipment to be completed. OEC Rentals offer your business in this industry an articulated dump truck for hire. These machines cost a lot and are expensive to maintain. Hiring them reduces your project budget and helps you to deliver better customer value.

In cases of demolition projects, you can contact OEC Rentals for long reach excavator rental. These machines provide greater efficiency over older equipment in the demolition of concrete structures. You can also rent a morooka crawler from the company to transport equipment and materials at the project site with ease.

OEC offers all types of heavy equipment for rent. The spokesperson said, “Our company offers the best quality heavy equipment available. We want to help you launch and maintain your business in construction seamlessly.”  The company is very focused on your business needs. It understands the needs of your projects and offers you suitable equipment for the same.

OEC provides very competitive rates for the equipment that you hire. They also ensure that the equipment is maintained well and provides top-notch service!

About the Company

Set up in 1989, OEC Rentals is one of the most well-known heavy equipment rental companies in the US. The brand offers equipment from leading manufacturers like Hitachi, CAT, and VOLVO. The company has a diverse portfolio of products like excavators, dump trucks, ground thaw heaters, etc. OEC also offers heavy equipment for sale in PA. They take a keen interest in industries related to environmental remediation, earthmoving, and gas. It supports businesses in these sectors strongly. Some of the key clients of the company own industrial, construction, and pipeline businesses.


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Contact: (724) 693-9188 / (412) 736-2821


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