OEC Rentals – the only trusted name for renting construction equipment

Looking for construction equipment or maybe other heavy machinery? Well, OEC Rentals is here to rescue you. OEC Rentals is the ultimate platform for rental services for a wide range of earth-moving equipment. Recently in a press interview, the management said that, right from the start, their motive has been to meet all the requirements of their clients by providing them the best deals on rental services. 

Pittsburgh, 24th May 2021:

OEC Rentals is one of the most popular rental service providers in the entire country. They are widely renowned for providing high-quality heavy equipment parts for construction projects as well as other industries. According to the official spokesperson of the firm, ‘they aim to provide great service and establish a long-lasting relationship with the clients through their professionalism and dedication.

OEC Rentals has a massive collection of equipment to meet all your business requirements. Here’s what you can expect from them!

  • The firm mostly deals with delivering heavy equipment services like articulated truck rentaland long reach excavator rental.
  • Moreover, they offer lucrative dozer rentaland Morooka rental services along with attachments for various types of machinery at an affordable price for industrial, construction, as well as pipeline businesses.

Every employee hired by OEC Rentals is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in the usage & maintenance of the equipment rented by them. This is why they can provide such incredible customer support services at all times.

Whether it is for long-term or short-term projects, OEC Rentals gives the best deals on the excavator rental Pittsburgh services. This is a major reason why companies keep coming back to them every time they need to rent a heavy-duty machine. The smooth and transparent renting process also makes it easier for companies to book rental services whenever necessary, without any hassles.

About OEC Rentals

OEC Rentals is a well-known firm for renting heavy construction equipment since 1989. It has been offering impeccable services for almost 20 years now. With more than two decades of experience, they understand the specific requirements of the various industries and offer rental services accordingly. Contact their expert consultants for more information on their high-quality services, equipment, and affordable pricing.


Postal address: PO Box 177 300 Stop Street,

Oakdale, PA 15071.

Website: oecrentals.com/

Email: info@oecrentals.com

Cell: (412) 736-2821

Phone: (724) 693-9188

Fax: (724)693-2925



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