Blood Warmers Market Size Worth $1.7 Billion By 2028 | CAGR: 8.3%

The global Blood Warmers Market size is expected to reach USD 1.7 billion by 2028, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. The market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 8.3% from 2021 to 2028. Gunshot wounds, increasing incidence of road accidents, and mishaps are the key driving factors for the market.

A rising number of road accidents is among the top factors that are driving the market. Road mishaps are the 8th leading cause of death for individuals across all ages, with a significant percentage of fatalities among victims occurring due to severe blood loss. According to the Global Status Report on Road Safety 2018, approximately 1.4 million individuals die of road accidents every year. Ambulatory and emergency paramedic services, therefore, need to provide blood/IV fluids to patients in such remote and extreme conditions.

Since these medical fluids are stored in lower temperatures to preserve their potency, directly introducing them to patients can cause induced hypothermia. With an added risk of hypothermia as a result of blood loss, stored blood is initially heated to body temperature before infusion into a patient. In developed countries, ambulatory services have advanced portable warming systems that help stabilize a patient in emergency situations. In developing countries, due to the higher cost of portable warmers, the risk of fatality due to hypothermia or blood loss is higher as the non-portable warmers are generally hospital-based.

The warmers are also required by search and rescue forces, as they deal with numerous victims of natural calamities and mishaps that often occur in the remotest or most extreme environments. This is the reason why the demand for the medical device has observed a growth among rescue forces in the international market, thereby propelling market growth over the forecast period.

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Blood Warmers Market Report Highlights

  • The non-portable fluid warmers segment is expected to grow in the forthcoming years owing to increasing demand from ambulatory services and military/defense sectors, and increasing incidence of road accidents and mishaps
  • In 2020, the hospitals/clinics segment dominated the market. The defense forces and ambulatory services segments are expected to see respectable growth during the forecast period
  • In Asia Pacific, the market is anticipated to grow fast owing to the growing number of surgeries, the presence of huge population demography, and the increasing quality of healthcare demanded by patients

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