OEC Rentals – The ultimate platform for renting premium quality construction equipment

OEC Rentals is a renowned heavy equipment rental service provider. They offer rental services to countless businesses all over the country. OEC Rentals brings you a massive line of heavy construction equipment to assist with a wide range of construction projects at an affordable price.


OEC Rentals has gained popularity for being an outstanding provider of heavy-duty construction equipment rental services for many years. The company has helped many construction professionals to successfully complete significant state and country-wide projects with their rented equipment. As per the statement of the company’s official spokesperson, they have achieved such milestones for 20 plus years only because of their dedicated team of certified staff. The team’s quick response to the clients’ queries and requirements has empowered the company’s customer service ethics. With the brilliant combination of technology and a dynamic team, OEC Rentals is able to present professional assistance to the pipeline, industrial, and even construction businesses at cost-effective rates.

The firm’s vision is to demonstrate a long-term customer relationship by surpassing the client’s expectations and gain their trust by providing the best offers on heavy equipment for sale in PA. OEC Rentals specializes in providing all kinds of industrial & construction equipment that includes ground thaw heaters, excavators, dozer rental, compactors, skid steers, backhoe loaders, air curtains, pumps, and much more. The company also assists the construction professionals by providing articulated dump truck hire, tractors, and water truck services for various purposes.

The company insider informs that OEC Rentals performs upgraded machinery maintenance and inspection on all the construction equipment in order to establish the confirmation regarding their premium functionality. The company uses advanced programs and GPS systems to keep track of the location and status of the service in order to deliver the equipment to the worksites quickly and efficiently.

In the absence of strict pandemic restrictions, OEC Rentals is determined to continue the projects that were slowed down due to the pandemic situation. Purchasing any heavy-duty equipment requires many expenses such as down payments, operating expenses, including insurances, taxes, licensing, etc. this is why people are opting for OEC Rentals, where you can expect simplified procedures and affordable Morooka rental solutions.

About OEC Rentals

OEC Rentals is a prominent leader when it comes to offering construction equipment to various industries since 1989. The company persistently maintains the trust of its clients by providing high-quality service at a reasonable cost.


Postal address: 177 300 Stop Street,

Oakdale, PA 15071.

Website: oecrentals.com/

Email: info@oecrentals.com

Cell: (412) 736-2821

Phone: (724) 693-9188

Fax: (724)693-2925


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