Botanical Extract Market: Future Scenarios and Business Opportunity Analysis 2028

Report Description:-

The recent market intelligence report, published by Data Insights Partner on the botanical extract market makes an offering of in-depth analysis of and sub-segments in both the regional and international market. The research also emphasizes on the impact of drivers, restraints and macro indicators on the regional and global botanical extract market over the short as well as long period of time. The report also includes the benefits and market opportunities presented in this field. Beside this, a detailed presentation of forecast, trends, and dollar values of the global market is offered too. In accordance with the report, the botanical extract market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 12.13% over the period of forecast period of 2020-2028.

Market Insights, Drivers, Restraints and Opportunities:-

Botanical extracts are used as ingredients in the food & beverage industry to modify flavour, aroma, or nutritive quality. Botanical extracts also impart properties such as enhanced flavour and extended shelf life and also reduce microbial spoilage. Botanical extracts are also used in various skin care related products and cosmetics. They are extracted from the tissue, leaves, flowers, fruits or barks of a plant, usually by treating with a solvent such as alcohol or water.

The growth in demand for convenience foods is projected to be one of the major drivers of botanical extracts such as spice extracts during the forecast period. The said market is greatly influenced by the changes in consumption patterns of consumers who are seeking natural flavours in their food instead of synthetic ingredients due to the rising health awareness. The growing trend toward clean label products, which are slowly becoming mandatory across the globe, is also driving the market growth for botanical extracts and in turn compelling food manufacturers to develop new formulations and products to cater to the rising consumer demand for healthier food products. The increasing application of various botanical extracts such as spice & herb extracts, in combination with other ingredients, in various food products to enhance the flavour, is another factor expected to drive the botanical extracts market growth across the globe. The raising awareness over healthy skin and increasing demand for herbal cosmetics is also playing a key role in the rapid growth of the said market. Another reason driving the growth of botanical market is the use of botanical extracts in medicines and other dietary supplements.

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The botanical extract market has a huge potential. Though it is expanding very fast day by day, many things are preventing it from using its full potential. Some of these restraints are–

? Availability of substitute products (synthetic flavours) in lower costs.

? Scarce sources of botanical extracts.

? Hard, time-consuming production procedures.

? High cost of the said product.

? Lack of awareness about the availability and benefits of the botanical extracts and related products in developing countries.

During the forecast period, Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest-growing botanical extracts market. The demand for botanical extracts in Asia-Pacific is driven by changing customer preference towards natural products and growing concerns about healthier lifestyles. The rapid economic growth of the said region is expected to fuel high demand for these ingredients, especially in China, India and the Southeast Asian countries. It is also believed that by product, phytomedicines will have the largest share in the forecast period. Pharmaceutical ( by application) usage of the product is also expected to rise significantly in the said time and market of botanical extracts out of leaves will face the fastest growth among all other sources.

Segmentation of Botanical Extract Market:-

This market intelligence report on the botanical extract market is segmented based on product type, product form, application, source, distribution channel and the country/regions.

By Product Type, the botanical extract market is divided into–

  • Spices
  • Essential Oils
  • Flavours and Fragrances
  • Phytomedicines
  • Others

By Product Form, the botanical extract market is segregated into–

  • Powder
  • Liquid

By Application, the botanical extract market is divided into–

  • Pharmaceuticals and Dietary Supplements
  • Foods and Beverages
  • Cosmetics
  • Others

By Source, the botanical extract market is segregated into–

  • Leaves
  • Fruits, Flowers and Bulbs
  • Rhizomes and Roots
  • Barks and Stems
  • Other

By Distribution Channel, the botanical extract market is segmented into–

  • Hypermarkets and Supermarkets
  • Online
  • Others

By Regional Outlook, the botanical extract market is divided into–

  • North America (United States, Canada)
  • Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and other countries)
  • Europe (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Netherlands and other countries)
  • Asia Pacific (Japan, China, India, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and other countries)
  • Middle East and Africa (GCC, South Africa, Israel, Arabia, Egypt and other countries)

Profiling of Market Players:-

This business intelligence report offers profiling of reputed companies that are operating in the market. Companies such as

  • Blue Sky Botanics Ltd
  • Synergy Flavors
  • Kuber Impex Ltd
  • Indesso
  • Haldin
  • Dohler GmbH
  • BI Nutraceuticals
  • Kalsec Inc
  • Fytosan
  • Nexira
  • Acumen Life Sciences
  • Organic Herb Inc.
  • Green Source Organics
  • Inovia International
  • Futureceuticals

Other players have been profiled into detail so as to offer a glimpse of the market leaders. Moreover, parameters such botanical extract market related investment and spending and developments by major players of the market are tracked in this global report.

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Market Competitive Analysis:-

Key players are adopting strategies such as investing in R&D, new product launches, expansion in distribution channels to stand out as strong competitors in the market. Botanical extract market is a competitive market with the presence of various global and regional players in the market. The major players like Blue Sky Botanics Ltd., Indesso, Synergy Flavors, Fytosan, Kuber Impex Ltd., Haldin, Kalsec Inc., Dohler GmbH, BI Nutraceuticals, Nexira etc. are trying to gain the market power in their hands by producing the products in low costs and thus charging low prices and using different kind of marketing campaigns.

Report Highlights:-

An in-depth analysis of the micro and macro indicators, market trends, and forecasts of demand is offered by this business intelligence report. Furthermore, the report offers a vivid picture of the factors that are steering and restraining the growth of this market across all geographical segments. In addition to that, Growth Matrix analysis is also provided in the report so as to share insight of the investment areas that new or existing market players can take into consideration. Various analytical tools such as market data analysis, time series and cross section statistical data analysis has been used in this report to present a clear picture of the market. The study focuses on the present market trends and provides market forecast from the year 2020-2028. Emerging trends that would shape the market demand in the years to come have been highlighted in this report. A competitive analysis in each of the geographical segments gives an insight into market share of the global players.

Salient Features:-

  • This study offers comprehensive yet detailed analysis of botanical extract market, size of the market (US$ Mn), and Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR (%)) for the period of forecast: 2020-2028, taking into account 2019 as the base year.
  • It explains upcoming revenue opportunities across various market segments and attractive matrix of investment proposition for the said market.
  • This market intelligence report on botanical extract market also offers pivotal insights about various market opportunities, restraints, drivers, launch of new products, competitive market strategies of leading market players, emerging market trends, and regional outlook.
  •    Profiling of key market players in the market of botanical extract is done by taking into account various parameters such as company strategies, distribution strategies, product portfolio, financial performance, key developments, geographical presence, and company overview.
  • The data of this report would allow management authorities and marketers of botanical extract companies alike to take informed decision when it comes to launch of products, government initiatives, marketing tactics and expansion, and technical up gradation.
  •     The research on the world market for botanical extract market caters to the needs of various stakeholders pertaining to this industry, namely suppliers, manufacturers, investors, and distributors for the market. The research also caters to the rising needs of consulting and research firms, financial analysts, and new market entrants.
  • Research methodologies that have been adopted for the purpose of this study have been clearly elaborated so as to facilitate better understanding of the reports.
  • Reports have been made based on the guidelines as mandated by General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Ample number of examples and case studies has been taken into consideration before coming to a conclusion.

Reasons to Buy:-

  • Identify new growth opportunities with a deep understanding of strategic business plans and thus design innovative strategies for sustainable growth.
  • Comprehensive details on micro and macro factors that will drive or restrain the growth of market players.
  • Analyse and map the behaviours of the competitors to gain maximum benefits.
  • Deep Sector-Specific Intelligence.
  • Identify investors who can invest in your company or identify the companies to invest in by analysing market opportunities, gains and losses.
  • Identify and attract potential customers by analysing consumer behaviour for every region.
  • Highlights of the competitive landscape.

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