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Pet Cremation Questions

What you need to know about pet cremation

Pet owners frequently ask the following questions about pet cremation.

My pet passed away at the veterinarian’s office. Can I select where my pet is cremated?

Yes. You can choose any pet cremation provider you want. Your veterinarian may recommend a specific provider, usually a crematory they have contracted with, but you are not required to use their provider. In the greater Pittsburgh area, you can call Pittsburgh Pet Cremation at 412-206-9266 and we will assist you.

Do funeral homes offer pet cremation services?

There are some funeral homes that offer pet cremation services, but not many. Strict regulations prohibit cremating animals and humans using the same equipment, so a funeral home that offers pet cremation will have invested in separate equipment. The International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories offers a listing of pet cremation service providers throughout the U.S.

Is it possible to pre-arrange your pet’s cremation?

Yes. We offer consultations and have information available on our websites for pet parents who wish to make sure their pet is handled with dignity and respect when the time comes.

Are all pet crematories the same?

Although they all provide the same basic service, the quality and cost of the services can vary from one facility to another. It is important to understand that pet cremation is a developing industry, and there is currently little oversight, so you need to be your own advocate. Be proactive in doing your research and asking the service provider questions. You want to be sure you are working with a reputable company that will meet your expectations and carries out your wishes.

How can I be sure that I will correctly get my pet’s ashes back?

Reputable and responsible pet cremation providers use a tracking system to ensure correct identification during the cremation process. The tracking system typically involves a tag with a unique number. The tag is assigned when your pet is received and is not separated from the pet throughout the entire cremation process. Keeping the tag and the remains together throughout the process ensures that your pet’s ashes will be returned to you. If you choose not to have your pet’s ashes returned to you, the crematory will take the ashes and scatter them in a designated area.

What is the average cost of pet cremation?

The average cost runs from $50 to $250, depending on factors such as the size of your pet, whether you choose individual or group cremation, and your location.


  • In what type of receptacle is my pet returned?
  • Can I buy an urn or other items to remember my pet?
  • If I buy an urn or other item, can my purchase be personalized?
  • How do I know I’m getting my pet back?
  • Am I allowed to spend some time with my pet before cremation?
  • Can I watch the procedure of placing my pet into the crematory to ensure that it is a private cremation and no other pets are included?
  • Is there an additional charge to watch or witness a pet cremation?
  • Do crematories have to be licensed or certified in the state for pet cremation
  • Can I see any certificates earned by the crematory?
  • Are employees trained as well as the owner?
  • Are the crematory operators certified?
  • If I choose to do a communal or group pet cremation instead of private, what happens?
  • Do they scatter the ashes?
  • Where are the ashes scattered?
  • What happens to the ashes if they are not scattered?


We are here to help. If you have a pet that is not doing well, or you just lost your pet, give one of our pet specialists a call at 412-206-9266 or visit our websites below









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5 Baldwin Township
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8 Borough of Ben Avon
9 Borough of Ben Avon Hts.
10 Municipality of Bethel Park
11 Borough of Blawnox
12 Borough of Brackenridge
13 Borough of Braddock
14 Borough of Braddock Hills
15 Borough of Bradford Woods
16 Borough of Brentwood
17 Borough of Bridgeville
18 Borough of Carnegie
19 Borough of Castle Shannon
20 Borough of Chalfant
21 Borough of Cheswick
22 Borough of Churchill
23 City of Clairton
24 Collier Township
25 Borough of Coraopolis
26 Borough of Crafton
27 Crescent Township
28 Borough of Dormont
29 Borough of Dravosburg
30 City of Duquesne
31 East Deer Township
32 Borough of East McKeesport
33 Borough of East Pittsburgh
34 Borough of Edgewood
35 Borough of Edgeworth
36 Borough of Elizabeth
37 Elizabeth Township
38 Borough of Emsworth
39 Borough of Etna
40 Fawn Township
41 Findlay Township
42 Borough of Forest Hills
43 Forward Township
44 Borough of Fox Chapel
45 Borough of Franklin Park
46 Frazer Township
47 Borough of Glassport
84 Borough of Glen Osborne
(formerly Osborne)
48 Borough of Glenfield
49 Borough of Green Tree
50 Hampton Township
51 Harmar Township
52 Harrison Township
53 Borough of Haysville
54 Borough of Heidelberg
55 Borough of Homestead
56 Indiana Township
57 Borough of Ingram
58 Borough of Jefferson Hills
59 Kennedy Township
60 Kilbuck Township
61 Leet Township
62 Borough of Leetsdale
63 Borough of Liberty
64 Borough of Lincoln
65 Marshall Township
66 Town of McCandless
67 Borough of McDonald
68 City of McKeesport
69 Borough of McKees Rocks
70 Borough of Millvale
71 Municipality of Monroeville
72 Moon Township
73 Municipality of Mt. Lebanon
74 Borough of Mt. Oliver
75 Borough of Munhall
76 Neville Township
77 North Braddock Borough
78 North Fayette Township
79 North Versailles Township
80 Borough of Oakdale
81 Borough of Oakmont
82 O’Hara Township
83 Ohio Township
85 Municipality of Penn Hills
86 Pennsbury Village
87 Pine Township
88 Borough of Pitcairn
89 City of Pittsburgh
90 Borough of Pleasant Hills
91 Borough of Plum
92 Borough of Port Vue
93 Borough of Rankin
94 Reserve Township
95 Richland Township
96 Robinson Township
97 Ross Township
98 Borough of Rosslyn Farms
99 Scott Township
100 Borough of Sewickley
101 Borough of Sewickley Hts.
102 Borough of Sewickley Hills
103 Shaler Township
104 Borough of Sharpsburg
105 South Fayette Township
106 South Park Township
107 South Versailles Township
108 Borough of Springdale
109 Springdale Township
110 Stowe Township
111 Borough of Swissvale
112 Borough of Tarentum
113 Borough of Thornburg
114 Borough of Trafford
115 Borough of Turtle Creek
116 Upper St. Clair Township
117 Borough of Verona
118 Borough of Versailles
119 Borough of Wall
120 West Deer Township
121 Borough of West Elizabeth
122 Borough of West Homestead
123 Borough of West Mifflin
124 Borough of West View
125 Borough of Whitaker
126 Borough of White Oak
127 Borough of Whitehall
128 Wilkins Township
129 Borough of Wilkinsburg
130 Borough of Wilmerding




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