PITTSBURGH, PA— (July 14, 2020) — The Community Liver Alliance (CLA), with their dedication to making the lives of those suffering with liver disease, has created a new program: “PBC Update”. Developed in conjunction with PBC patients, this educational program will include up-to-date information about PBC treatments, developments, clinical trials, transplantation, utrition, Medicaid/Medicare information, resources, support, and more. The goal of PBC Update is to educate, connect, and support patients, caregivers, and providers in an open, informative setting.

The CLA will host quarterly PBC Support Group Forums to connect newly diagnosed patients with those who have experience in the PBC journey, provide continuing education, and linkage to care.  The CLA will also create a forum for caregivers to network and share their best practices and promote support to the caregivers.

With social and physical distancing restrictions, the CLA is dedicated to connecting the PBC community with technology. There will be virtual meetings and online events to protect the health of the liver community and those who serve and support the liver community.

PBC, a progressive chronic liver disease. is caused by a buildup of bile within the liver that results in damage to the small bile ducts that drain bile from the liver. Over time, this pressure builds up and destroys the bile ducts leading to liver cell damage. As the disease progresses, and liver cells die, cirrhosis and liver failure can occur.

The Community Liver Alliance is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA and is a nonprofit, community-based organization dedicated to promoting liver health and liver disease awareness, prevention, education, and research. Supported by a network of patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and community leaders, the organization conducts screenings, develops and runs educational workshops, coordinates support groups, facilitates linkage to necessary medical care, provides education to policy makers, and works with community leaders and groups to raise awareness about liver disease.

The Community Liver Alliance’s website is:


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