2015 Vinny’s Tennis League Registration has begun


Vinny’s Tennis League in Pittsburgh starts each spring and ends in September with a trophy presentation. There are 10 different events and they are, Women’s and Men’s Singles and Doubles, Men’s Senior Events and Mixed Doubles. Intermediate and up are the levels of play. Play will start early spring and end with over 5 months to play 10-12 matches. Matches are reported online. Website will be updated daily. Photos, Tips on Scheduling matches and winter play are encouraged.

Compare to other leagues:

  • Updated Website
  • No yearly membership – Small entry fee?
  • Singles, Doubles and Senior Events
  • Over 5 months to play matches
  • Not like USTA you get to play ALL matches

I have been involved in tennis since the early 70’s. In the 70’s I worked for the World Team Tennis Pittsburgh Triangles. The Pittsburgh Triangles boasted such stars as Ken Rosewall, Evonne Goolagong, Vitas Gerulaitis, Peggy Michel and many others. My job was to provide the towels and gatorade for the players and sometimes I played tennis with some of them. 6 years ago, I started my own tennis league in the Pittsburgh area. Vinny’s Tennis League now has over 150 players each season. For a small entry fee players arrange their own matches and scores are reported on the website. I award trophies at the end of each season. I also was instrumental in getting local anti-smoking ordinances passed around the country. I helped draft, amend and pass the first non-smokers rights law in the City of Pittsburgh. I started a local chapter of ASH [Action on Smoking and Health} which works globally against the tobacco industry. I founded the PA Assoc. for Non-Smokers’ Rights with over 400 members and worked with Mayor Caliguiri in Pittsburgh and testified at many City Council meetings in several cities. US Mayor’s came to me for copies and help with starting clean air legislations. I have been on several talk shows, tv and radio and have debated with the tobacco industry lobbyists.

About Vinny’s Tennis League
Vinny’s Tennis League in Pittsburgh is the best league now in our 6th season with over 140 players each year. Why have someone else schedule matches for at your schedule. Schedule matches on your own time when you are available to play wherever you want to play.

For additional information please contact: Vince Romito at Vinny’s Tennis League in Pittsburgh by phone (412-444-5578),
Email vinnystennisleague@gmail.com

You will also find further information on our web site at www.vinnystennisleague.com

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Vince Romito


  1. hi vince, I`m trying to get info on your tennis league. I am a senior player looking now to get back in action. I played in the old east hills league. please e-mail me?

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